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Isle of Wight County's planning staff wants the Board of Supervisors to greatly enlarge the current Development Service District to accommodate high density residential development. Such development could then attract new businesses. The pink area is the current district, and the blue is where county staff would like to expand.  


Water deal cost: $250 mil.

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News editor

Isle of Wight is on the hook for its water deal. How much? Roughly a quarter of a billion dollars over the next 40 years.

That’s a tremendous increase of the $150 million figure previously cited by county officials and oft-reported in the Smithfield Times.

And all this pays for the county getting six times as much water as it currently uses. Eventually, the county will get 12 times as much water as it currently uses.



And to pay for it? Lots of people

By Lee Zion

News editor

A new growth plan could change the face of Isle of Wight County.

It would bring in new business, residents and retail — while keeping 85 percent of the land in agriculture.

County staff say it could also solve Isle of Wight’s problems over the water deal, which will cost the county a quarter of a billion dollars over 40 years.



5 of Surry Seven sentenced

By Abby Proch

Staff writer

Five of the seven men have been convicted in connection with a 2012 Surry County graduation party shooting that left a teenager dead.

They will serve less than one year in prison. On Tuesday, Judge Nathan Lee doled out their sentences in Surry County Circuit Court.

All seven have pleaded to lesser charges; some settling for misdemeanors after first facing felony murder charges.



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