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hog jog

The 745 runners in the 13th annual Hog Jog round the corner and climb Wharf Hill on the first leg of the 5K run. Shown among the racers is winner Musa Gwanzura of Roanoke Rapids, N.C. (#596) and second-place finished Victor Flemming (#377). For more Town and Country Day celebrations, see pg. 11 of this week's Smithfield Times.


What would you do?

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News editor

Littleton. Sandy Hook. Virginia Tech. Aurora.

All these are places where a lone gunman came out of nowhere and started shooting, taking dozens of lives.

Although school shootings are the most notorious examples of mass killings, they can happen anywhere, said Lt. R. Curtis Hardison of the Virginia State Police.

Hardison and Isle of Wight County Sheriff Mark A. Marshall spoke Monday night at Windsor High School on how to deal with an “active shooter.”



Squad building seven months behind schedule

By Lee Zion

News editor 

The new Isle of Wight Volunteer Rescue Squad building is now seven months behind schedule.

Bruce Bruchey, with Virginia Beach-based Powell Management Associates, spoke Friday, which he noted was seven months to the day from the projected March 10 completion date.

Isle of Wight County had Powell Management Company to oversee the project to construct the building, near the Cypress Creek subdivision along Great Spring Road.



Development plan eyed with skepticism

By Lee Zion

News editor

People are reacting to the county’s proposal to build more homes in Isle of Wight — and most of the reactions are skeptical.

The ISLE 2040 plan, or Inventive Solutions for a Livable Environment, was presented at a special Board of Supervisors meeting Sept. 19.

The plan calls for increased density in the corridors along U.S. Highway 17 and U.S. Highway 258 south of Smithfield, and adding another area for development along Nike Park Road.



Regional planner believes IW will grow by 30,000 in 25 years

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Staff writer

Isle of Wight County’s population could nearly double in size by 2040.

That’s what the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission is saying and what Isle of Wight County officials are preparing for.

Greg Grootendorst, chief economist for Hampton Roads Planning District Commission, expects Isle of Wight to add nearly 30,000 more residents by 2040 (starting in 2010).

That growth would likely come in the Carrollton and Windsor areas, he said.



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