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In this week's letters to the Editor:

  • The power of one – Carolyn Savinsky
  • The GOP's candidates – Bill Coburn
  • Phillips supporter – Fred Stanton
  • Definitely a resident – Terry O'Boyle
  • Accountability is crucial –Joe Klopfer
  • Keep the team – William Laine Jr.
  • Untruths and propaganda – Tommy Potter
  • Supporting her boss – Lisa Martin
  • Supporting McCarty – Stan Clark
  • Bar ruling recited – Helen Eggleston

In this week's letters to the Editor:

  • Ruining Carrollton? – Frank Taylor
  • Dorothy was right – Rex Alphin
  • GTMO to Isle of Wight – Willian K. Lietzau
  • Kudos to Marshall – Al Casteen
  • Burckard and budgets – Thomas Finderson
  • Supporting Phillips – Norma L. Wilson
  • Hulick supporter – Edmond Easter
  • McCarty supporter – James Baines
  • Stanton supporter – Dave Lyons
  • Thanks to donors – Willie Rountree

In this week's letters to the Editor:

  • Commentary or advertising? – Linda Reagan
  • Government propaganda – Kara Hearn
  • Supports bike trail  – Greg Vassilakos
  • Water dispute Alternative? – John Graham
  • From nowhere To nowhere – Frank Hall
  • Time for fire and brimstone – Darlene Moskowicz
  • Well deserved recognition – Robbie Younger
  • Supporting Burckard – Judy K. Major
  • Darden supporter – Karin Smith
  • For Phillips and Marshall – Becky Farmer
  • Brotherly support – Raynard Shears

In this week's letters to the Editor:

  • Residents as resources - Richard Gillerlain
  • Cook for School Board - Chuck Dunlap
  • Burchard for supervisor - Clayton Johnson
  • Supporting Phillips - Lance Morgan
  • The death of a cell murder? - Jim P. McAdaragh
  • Enjoyed playing - Mark Calhoon, Chip Joseph, Bobby Mawyer, Axel Rasmussen
  • Booster support - Margaret Bachman

In this week's letters to the Editor:

  • Gatling Pointless - Jerry Tenney
  • Academic exercise - Dave Goodridge
  • Where's the broadband? - Wanda Jones
  • Burckard for supervisor - JoAnn Finderson
  • Moore for Marshall - Florine Moore
  • Action, not talk - Anthony W. Hall
  • Endorses brother - Morgan Bailey
  • Voting for Hulick - Fred Mitchell
  • Supporting Phillips - Nell J. Cyr
  • The gig economy - Linda Jacob

Editors Note: The Smithfield Times is this week publishing letters from candidates for local office. The newspaper invited candidates to submit two letters during the course of the campaign, the first at the end of June and a second one for publication today.

  • Sheriff ask to continue - Mark A. Marshall
  • Experienced candidate - Jennifer Stanton
  • IW needs a drug program - Russell Stephenson
  • 'What I am cut out to do' - Georgette Phillips
  • A teacher for the board - Vicky Hulick

In this week's letters to the Editor:

  • Not so endangered? – John S. Massingill
  • Re-elect Marshall – Tom White
  • McCarty has her support – Maggie Richards
  • Patrolling is appreciated – Cleo B. Kelly
  • No question about his vote – Rick Gaddis
  • Supporting challengers – Dave Lyons

In this week's letters to the Editor:

  • Kudos to the mayor – Edmund Mortimer
  • Drop the bike path – Molly Lundie
  • A friendly taste of home – Christy Lewis Archer
  • Active shooter – Linda C. Bryant

In this week's letters to the Editor:

  • Mark the parking spaces – Joseph L. Bass
  • Better uses for money – Ruth Price
  • Surry Sheriff's race – Raynard Shears

In this weeks letters to the editor:

  • To the town: Don't spend it – Mervyn Rhodes
  • Opposes project – Lin Parrish
  • Supporting Phillips – Missy Farmer
  • Supporting Marshall – Pete Green
  • Thanks for the help – Fred Walls
  • Happy with Forbes – Sharon Burton

In this weeks letters to the editor:

  • Proud of COP's work - Becky Farmer
  • Don't blame development - Bill Kessler
  • Valuable trait - Rex Alphin
  • Bloodmobile success - Willie Roundtree
  • Phillips is effective - Don Hill
  • Defends Battle Flag - Linda Gould Steffey

In this weeks letters to the editor, you wanted to talk about:

  • Just a coincidence? - Glen Musick
  • This is the future? - Reid Lundie
  • Kudos for 2040 vote - Marlene M. Stanton
  • No loyalty or trust - Darlene Moskowicz
  • Where does the purge end? - Volpe Boykin
  • What's in a name? - Timothy Hillegass
  • Supporting Stanton - Crystal March Sing
  • Successful fundraiser - Chris Garret

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Edna Felts Myers


Edna Felts Myers, 96, passed away on Tuesday, Aug. 4, 2015 in her home. She is preceded in death by her husband, Luther Power Myers. Edna leaves to cherish her memories her son, Robert Hall. A graveside service will be held Friday, Aug. 7, 11 a.m. in St. Luke’s Memorial Park with the Rev. Mike Frank officiating. A special thank you to Marilyn Oliver and Joe Brown for all their love and support. The family request memorial contributions to VFW POST 8545, PO Box 461, Smithfield, VA 23431.

Service arrangements are in the care of Colonial Funeral Home, Carrollton, Smithfield, Isle of Wight and the surrounding communities.  Family and friends are encouraged to share condolences and remembrances at

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