Defends Battle Flag

Published 2:47 pm Thursday, July 30, 2015

Editor Smithfield Times

Does anyone think today? Stop staring at phones! Do research before tearing down our country and find out its true history, not the history told by those who control us and won the war.

Now it’s the Confederate Battle Flag? The KKK flew the American flag marching in D.C, years ago. Is Ole Glory next?

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The War, 1861-65, was fought over money and to repel Northern aggression! The Dutch, English, Portuguese and the Federal, Yankee, Union ships brought slaves to America — not the South!

Regarding racism or hatred, what about the “Redskins?” Puritan settlers “skinned” the Indians after they murdered them!

General Grant had slaves! Many northern states owned slaves. 

The Confederate Battle Flag bears the Cross of St. Andrew, Patron Saint of Scotland. It’s the flag of the Scotch-Irish who settled the south. It is also known as the Southern Cross. Jamaica was under England’s rule 300 years and their flag was designed after the Confederate Flag when they won independence. St. Andrew’s cross flag is a symbol of independence and defiance against tyranny. 

St. Andrew’s cross Battle flag flew in Tiananmen Sq. in China, with Lech Walesa in Poland when he formed the labor union Solidarity.

St. Andrew, the first apostle of Jesus, was the brother of Simon Peter! He was crucified on a saltier (x-shaped) cross. A Christian symbol, St. Andrew’s cross stands for truth, courage and defiance against tyranny. Ask a Jamaican!

Linda Gould Steffey