No loyalty or trust

Published 2:23 pm Thursday, July 30, 2015

Editor, Smithfield Times

Dismissing Tom Finderson and Albert Burckard for disloyalty to COP is an outrage! COP is being built on a political hierarchy rather than a system that worked for years — one co-founded by Tom based on Christian faith, principles, and trust. Those foundations that Diana McFarland alluded to — “have a board, be beyond reproach on its policies and procedures, and written policies and guidelines that must be adhered to” have in fact been part of COP from its inception.

Tom stood by J.J. Sharon, who borrowed COP lawn equipment, to help a needy neighbor. Since she was publicly disgraced, Tom merely suggested Barbara Stafford use The Smithfield Times to apologize to J.J., since by COP’s own admission, the police investigation found no criminal intent! J.J. Sharon, Tom Finderson, and Albert Burckard all deserve a public apology.

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Tom selflessly demonstrated a true heart for people through the food distribution program, deliveries to include overload whenever a shortage of volunteers, gifts from him and wife JoAnne, single-handling picking up several times a week from grocery stores to restock the food pantry, by default restocking shelves so weekly and emergency bags of food were available and serving in other capacities whenever people in need showed up with a voucher for furniture, household goods, etc. All with written procedures and accountability!

No, it was not Tom Finderson and Albert Burckard who lacked loyalty; it was the social club at COP who demonstrated no loyalty or trust to volunteers. I witnessed the destruction of a politically-run COP versus one run with Christian integrity. After all, isn’t it Jesus Christ we are trying to serve rather than become entangled with the strings and ropes of mankind that literally choked the life out of a program COP was founded on God?

Darlene Moskowicz