Buckard for supervisor

Published 5:25 pm Friday, September 4, 2015

Editor, Smithfield Times

Did you know that Albert Burckard is running for supervisor for the Newport District seat? A lieutenant colonel, he holds master’s degrees, has taught at West Point and was awarded the Silver Star in Vietnam. He knows the county like the back of h is hand because he’s a volunteer fire fighter and emergency vehicle operator for the Carrollton fire department. In the past, he has also delivered food to those needing a helping hand in all kinds of weather in all the corners and out of the way places.

It is not always what you know, but who you know. The mayor of Norfolk, who has influence over the Norfolk water deal for our county, is Albert’s childhood friend. It’s always good to have an insider.

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Burckard wants to try ways to lower our county taxes. He advocates reducing department heads’ salaries by 10 percent. Another way would be to cut the stormwater fee in half. Do you know who’s benefiting by this fee anyway? Borrowing over 20 years would work better than presently overtaxing over three years.

Our courthouse employees have been bullied enough. Albert will improve their morale and enthusiasm through a different management style and personality.

How many thought ISLE 2040 was over? Our county administrator, Anne Seward, just won’t give up. In last week’s Smithfield Times there was an article about a possible water line coming down Nike Park to Gatling Pointe. By the way, if that’s true and it happens, wouldn’t that be Part I of ISLE 2040 and Part II would be a sewer line? Albert has always been the leader of the opposition who is against ISLE 2040. Albert Burckard loves Isle of Wight. He isn’t just talk, but action. He is pumped to serve us. He can’t do that unless you vote for him.

JoAnn Finderson