Supporting Phillips

Published 5:23 pm Friday, September 4, 2015

Editor, Smithfield Times

I will always believe that actions speak louder than words. I contend that no matter what profession you chose, if you purport to serve others then the proof will be in the results. If you are a professional who lives in Isle of Wight County and claim to have the best interest of the citizens in mind, then I will see that you have served those citizens accordingly.

With that in mind, Jennifer Stanton may lay her head to sleep in Isle of Wight County, but I can find little if any evidence that she as a defense attorney has any interest in outcomes for the citizens of this county. According to my research, I can only clearly identify one case in which she represented someone’s interest in the court system in Isle of Wight.

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The legal system was established to provide for prosecution and defense in order to protect the rights of both the victim and the accused. So if you were truly dedicated the citizens of Isle of Wight, would you not be practicing in Isle of Wight to protect the rights of the accused? Even her fundraiser for her campaign is not being held in Isle of Wight County, but in Norfolk. And being the registered agent for Mission of Hope simply means you are meeting the SCC requirements that require a business to have an agent to receive any notice that is served.

I much prefer to support a candidate who has proven for over 14 years that she is dedicated to the citizens of Isle of Wight County and as Commonwealth Attorney works tirelessly to assure that both the rights of the accused and those of the victims are equally considered in each and every case that she prosecutes. And for the past two years, as a Victim’s Advocate who has an office adjacent to the Commonwealth’s Attorney I have seen this first hand. Georgette Phillips has proven her commitment to the citizens of this county and deserves your vote.

Nell J. Cyr