For Phillips and Marshall

Published 7:15 pm Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Editor, Smithfield Times

I am writing to offer my support for Commonwealth Attorney Georgette Phillips and Sheriff Mark Marshall.

There is an old adage that says “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” And while the grammar is poor, it does make a point that is well taken in two of this year’s political contests.

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Sheriff Marshall was elected four years ago on promises to bring integrity and professionalism to the Isle of Wight Sheriff’s Department, and he has done so. His first term has been a tremendous success. He promised accreditation, improved response times, a better trained department and better treatment of his deputies, and he has delivered on each. He kept his campaign promises. How often can that be said about a candidate for office?

As for our commonwealth attorney, Georgette Phillips has spent the last 14 years fighting for the citizens of Isle of Wight County. I have known Georgette for eight of those years as she served as a trusted right hand to my son when he was the commonwealth’s attorney. She has prosecuted thousands of cases in Isle of Wight and has proven herself to be tough, fair and effective. That is the reason she has the overwhelming support of law enforcement, court personnel and attorneys in the County.

I have the pleasure of knowing Sheriff Marshall, Mrs. Phillips and Smithfield Chief of Police Steve Bowman. Under their leadership, their three agencies are working more closely together than they ever have. Why would we want to change something that is working so well?

I have lived in Isle of Wight County all of my life and have voted in every election for the past 50-plus years. On Nov. 3 I will, once again, go to the polls and this time I will proudly cast my vote for Georgette Phillips and Mark Marshall. I will do so because I know it is the best decision for this place that love and have always called “home.” I hope you will join me.

Becky Farmer