Cell phone addiction

Published 8:16 pm Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Editor, Smithfield Times

On several occasions driving in Smithfield, my husband and I have encountered motorists we thought were driving drunk. Stuck behind them on two-lane roads, they were driving under the speed limit, too slow and weaving around in the lane ahead of us. When I could finally pass them, they were all on cell phones! Several young people passed us flying in the left lane on South Church Street texting! One man sat in a car outside Wells Fargo Bank on his cell phone drinking beer! 

In restaurants, whole families sit staring at hand-held devices not speaking to one another and can hardly tear themselves away to even order food. When their orders arrive, they sit eating, holding the crazy phone in one hand or continue on the phone while food gets cold. A lot of times, children barely eat at all due to the phone and plates of food go back to the kitchen uneaten. Small children and adults walk around stores, on sidewalks and in parking lots staring at the phone!

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There is much research proving this wireless technology is highly dangerous, causing brain cancers and cancers involving the jaw and neck. Parents give these things to their young children! The Swiss have long warned about this, but no one cares to listen until it is too late. The addiction to these things is sickening, but there are warnings that we will have huge cases of cancer in the future. 

We don’t want one of these “things” and have spoken to many who, like us, frown on the pitiful addicted people who use them and have lost their civility towards those around them. Giving them to young children should be considered child abuse. Research it!

Linda Gould Steffey