Unhappy with elections

Published 8:22 pm Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Editor, Smithfield Times

Precisely what I predicted during this year’s election cycle is in fact coming true.

Recent cases prosecuted by our Poquoson-resident Commonwealth Attorney are already beginning to prove me correct. In the last two weeks, this newspaper reported on two individuals who were arrested on drug-related charges. The man, prosecuted under the Federal system, received a 10-year prison sentence. Meanwhile, his partner in crime, whose charges also included two counts of child neglect, received a meager seven-month sentence from our county’s court, prosecuted by Ms. Phillips.

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Last week, we saw the first sentencing of 11 who are charged from 2014 for serious, heavy drug violations. Justin Monette sold pure street poison in our very community in at least two locations. At $400 per sale, his drugs were so lethal that a 32-year-old woman died within days of buying this concoction.

Out of four felony charges, which can carry a five-year to 40-year sentence per charge, one charge was dropped and Mr. Monette, despite selling his filth right here in our neighborhood, will only serve five years in prison. Meanwhile, a woman is dead and her family will never see her again.

Looking at court records, a manslaughter charge was never pursued by indictment. Though in the paper, it is claimed that the victim’s death would have been used to seek a manslaughter charge, it was clearly never attempted. Court records would show and document if the charge had been sought.

The cases keep adding up, month after month. Now we are stuck with four years of political collusion based on the false narrative of a “crime fighting team” when such a thing doesn’t exist, and ethically never should exist. An independent prosecutor works for the People. As we are seeing, committing crime in our county just gets a slap on the wrist with a plea deal, time after time.

Dave Lyons