A foolish policy

Published 8:59 pm Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Editor, Smithfield Times

I was immediately reminded of Bill Deal and the Rhondels’ old song, “What kind of fool?” when I read of Mark Herring’s new policy of revoking concealed weapons reciprocity with other states. Doesn’t he know that by revoking other states agreements that he puts fellow Virginians in greater danger when they are traveling out of state because those states will no longer recognize Virginians’ right to carry a concealed weapon?

Fellow Virginians, do not forget who cares little about your safety in the big picture. It is all about him. I feel the Governor is even worse. Concealed weapon permit carriers are our biggest untapped resource in the battle to keep our citizens safe. If folks would realize that “Gun Free Zone” means “open season without opposition” on our great citizens I think we’d all be better off.

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Remember when it was trendy to not fasten your seat belts? We need to change our thinking on concealed weapons carries, too. Just my opinion.

Al Casteen