Letters to the editor – March 2nd, 2016

Published 6:46 pm Tuesday, March 1, 2016

On Morris’ motion

    Editor, Smithfield Times

    This is an open letter to Delegate Rick Morris, our District 64 representative in the State Assembly. In his House Courts of Justice Committee he moved and succeeded to kill SB343, which, according to the 23 February edition of the Norfolk paper “would have established a legal defense against prosecution for possession of two non-intoxicating marijuana derivatives, cannabidiol oil and THC-A oil, with a doctor’s certification that it is to be used for treating cancer.” Please note the words, “non-intoxicating.” These substances give great relief to terminal cancer patients, as one Jim Hedgspeth said of Del. Morris’ actions, in the newspaper’s forum:

    “It is truly amazing how easy it is to say no if it does not affect you. I took my first chemo and radiation in Jan 2009. Just got told two weeks ago, chemo no longer working. Oh well. I spend every day with pain and pure absolute exhaustion from the “sewer water” that has been pumped thru my veins. Yet these few, that do not feel the pain of thousands like me can decide, with “almost no debate” to deny those like me any little relief. Well done, O’Great elected officials. Thank you for caring.”

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    Having just spent five gut-wrenching weeks in Western Virginia with my best friend and his wife as she lay dying from cancer, it occurs to me to ask, “Why, Mr. Morris, why?”

    Dave Goodridge


Wombwell descendent

    Editor, Smithfield Times

    This writer is a fourth generation direct descendant of Dr. Jordan Wombwell. My siblings and most of our children and several grandchildren have been to Smithfield to visit our heritage including the Dr. Jordan Wombwell house and the former Wombwell Plantation, which is now bisected by Mill Swamp Road. The plantation was owned by members of five generation of Wombwells that preceded Jordan. Some of my collateral ancestors were principal founders of the Sinking Springs Church.

    I encourage Smithfield to preserve its unique place in Colonial history. In that regard I support previous letter writer Albert Burckard’s suggestion to repurpose the Dr. Jordan Wombwell home.

    On an important related note I would be be deeply concerned if the graves of Jordan and his children who died young are to be disturbed. They are buried behind the house near the school playground fence.

    George Wombwell
    Louisville, Ky.


Kudos to the SLT

    Editor, Smithfield Times

    I am not a theatre critic, but I want to commend the production staff, crew, and performers in “One for the Pot” comedy now playing at the Smithfield Little Theatre. It is brilliantly done and very entertaining. 

    Collin Norman is singled out for his outstanding performance in his exhaustive and demanding portrayal of three different characters. Bravo! 

    Barbara Lindley


‘Love thy neighbor’

    Editor, Smithfield Times

    The frequent and heavy rains that our area has experienced have left the ground very saturated, yet has caused some to shine.

    Have you ever done something and immediately realized that you shouldn’t have? I drove into my grandmother’s yard to reminiscence and found myself mired. Mr. Tommy Darden, owner of Darden’s Country Store, came to my rescue and I am very thankful. He exemplified “Love thy neighbor.”

Jacqueline Ridley