Letters to the editor – August 3rd, 2016

Published 6:55 pm Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Always check facts

    Editor, Smithfield Times

    I was very pleased to see the editor call out Frank Taylor in his letter last week, “Dislikes Kaine.” Mr. Taylor had misquoted Hillary Clinton, clearly intending to malign her by not only quoting out of context, but actually modifying the words she used when testifying in 2013. Whatever your politics, whoever you are supporting this election season, there should be no tolerance for intentionally misquoting someone to support your own political views. Kudos to the Smithfield Times for taking the time to fact check this statement — something we should all do before re-posting, re-Tweeting, liking or passing on false or misleading information.

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    Scott Hamilton


Stop the littering

    Editor, Smithfield Times

    I live just down the street from the dump on Old Stage Highway, not far from Wrenn’s Mill. My question, directed to those who abuse the dump is this: Can’t you read the hours on the sign on the gate? There is no way you can miss it but you dump your trash, tires, doors, whatever they have at said gate.

    I wish the county would put up cameras so that they could get your license plate number or your face dumping your trash knowing that the dump is closed. Shame on you. You are littering and, if you don’t know it, that’s illegal. Maybe the county can go through the trash and get your name and give you a hefty fine. Maybe that would stop you. My suggestion is to go home with to go home with our trash and go back when the dump is open like the rest of us, and write down the hours so you can check it to make sure it’s open.

    Lorraine Carl


Of ou’s and r’s

    Editor, Smithfield Times

    I enjoyed your recent examples of southeastern dialects. My tale of dialects began in 1952 at the University of Miami. The school was populated with Yankees and mid-westerners. As a Richmonder, I was a linguistic outsider. 

    As TV Production majors, we were required to take some speech classes. We were exposed to a sort of neutral dialect and encouraged to emulate it. Bah, humbug. At the beginning of the semester, each student read a few paragraphs from a script onto a phonograph record. Hailing from Richmond, I ignored the letter “r” following vowels, and pronounced out, house and about the way many folks from these parts do. The laughter was considerable.

    Practice went on for months, and concluded with another recording session. This time, I made a point of pronouncing the letter “r” and forced myself to make the “ou” sound more akin to what the professor wanted to hear.

    Any positive change on my part was more noticeable than the minor changes of the Yanks. My meager efforts paid off in a “right good” grade.

    I might mention my connection with Isle of Wight County.

    In 1961, I married Pat Ballard of Windsor (Collossee, really). I am friends of Kay Gwaltney Remick and the late Ted (Edward) Remick of Smithfield as well as Phyllis Joyner and the late Barbara Turner Willis, both of Windsor

    Thanks so much for the very readable and enjoyable Smithfield Times.

    Charlie Larus


Thanks to all who helped

    Editor, Smithfield Times

    As a resident of the Walters Community I would like to sincerely thank all of my fellow residents for coming together to preserve our quality of life in successfully opposing the public shooting ranges that American K-9 Interdiction proposed building in our community. At some point the Press began calling me “The leader of the opposition” to the ranges, when the reality is that I was only a “coordinator” that coordinated the joint efforts of the entire community. Many people put time, effort and money into preserving what we have. I was only one of them.

    I also want to thank county residents who do not live in our community that gave of their time and effort to assist us, not because they were affected, but because they thought the right thing to do was to help their neighbors in time of trouble. They will never be forgotten by us.

    Finally, I would like to thank our Board of Supervisors as a whole for their diligent service in very difficult positions and for making the common sense decision that to sacrifice the quality of life of an entire community for one business was the wrong thing to do. I especially want to commend our Carrsville District Supervisor Rex Alphin for his patience and diligence in a situation that I know was extremely difficult for him. I feel he handled the entire unpleasant ordeal with a class and professionalism seldom seen in political circles in these times.

    Volpe Boykin


‘Livestrong’ is coming

    Editor, Smithfield Times

    This letter is for everyone, because I doubt that there is a soul that hasn’t been touched by cancer — either a friend, a family member or yourself. This is to bring everyone’s attention to a program offered at the Luter Family YMCA in Smithfield. It is one of only three in the state of Virginia that offers it. In conjunction with the Livestrong program that so many have heard of comes the Livestrong at the Y program.

    It doesn’t matter if you are still in treatment or had cancer many years ago. It doesn’t matter where you live. This is a program to help make you a better version of yourself. They take all aspects into consideration from physicality to socialization. Everyone has other issues as well & are treated on an individual basis.

    I was still going through chemo, with one more round to go, when I went to orientation. I don’t know how I even stayed upright in my chair, I was so weak. They encourage you to come even if you don’t feel good. This even had a positive result.

    Michelle Armstrong and Tonya Jones are the leaders of the program. They have had so much extra education; they are far superior than just personal trainers. I can’t say enough good things about these two women. They changed my life.

    By the end of the 12 weeks, I was no longer a wet noodle. I was strong & confident that I could use what they taught me to improve myself further. I no longer felt like a cancer victim, but a human being again. I owe it all to this program.

    Anyone interested should call, Connie Chapman at the Luter Family YMCA @ (757) 365-4060.

    The next class will begin in September.

    Lou Sallaz