Letters to The Editor – March 14th, 2018

Published 5:21 pm Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Keep public pay private

Editor, Smithfield Times
I am writing to say that I do not like the salaries of officials being made transparent to the public. I recently read the Smithfield Times and it showed the salaries of the mayor, vice mayor, etc. Many of the people here are not worthy of knowing what the pay is for those in office.
I am noticing an increase in salaries advertised in the public. I was sad to see the salary of Hampton University’s President Harvey written in the newspaper. I hope that confidentiality will become important again.
I think people in office are underpaid.
Tamika Evans

Fantastic experience

Editor, Smithfield Times
The SHS oceanography-with-boatbuilding class (Smithfield Times, March 7) is nothing less than fantastic! Not only do the students learn about the science about “oxygen levels and temperature measurements, E. coli, phosphate and nitrate levels and more,” but they have the added satisfaction of building the boats that they use to go to the points of sample collection and study — the creeks and bays. I cannot think of a better, more enriching program and experience for high schoolers, one that might set them on a quest for a career in these disciplines.
The school faculty members and the Tidewater Wooden Boat Workshop volunteers who are energizing this effort deserve our most profound appreciation. With their help and guidance I hope the program flourishes and grows. I only wish I could have had this experience in prehistoric times when I was that age!
Dave Goodridge

It’s spring, and Easter

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Editor, Smithfield Times
We are approaching another holiday — Esater. It’s the spring season and we celebrate Christ risen from the tomb. Jesus died on the cross between a murderer and a thief. Only one of them asked Jesus to remember him when he came into his kingdom, and Jesus replied, “Today, you will be with me in Paradise.”
Christ became our Passover. The Holy Bible is the truth, the life and the way. It is our road map to his kingdom.
Many people sit Sunday after Sunday in a church pew not knowing Jesus as our Lord and Savior. Giving large amounts of money to the church will not guarantee you a place in Heaven. Perfect attendance, teach Sunday School or preaching the word of God to others will help you when you stand before God on Judgment Day.
We are all sinners saved by the grace of God. God sent his son, Jesus, and we pray every day for forgiveness of our sins, for we all sin every day because we live in a sinful world.
But God sent another comforter, the precious Holy Spirit, who dwells within us when we accept Christ as our Savior.
I ask, what will you say when you stand before God on Judgment Day?
Delphia Maria Bailey

Editor, Smithfield Times

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s (CBF) 13th annual watershed photo contest is now underway. Photo submissions are being accepted between now and April 6. Photographers of all skill levels are encouraged to participate to win cash prizes of from $100 to $500, and to have their photos featured in CBF’s award-winning publications.
We are seeking photographs that illustrate the positive aspects of the Bay and its rivers and streams. We want to see your vision of the Bay region — from Pennsylvania to Virginia, from the Shenandoah Mountains to the Eastern Shore. Images depicting people, wildlife, recreation, and farms within the watershed will all be considered. All photos must include water from the Chesapeake Bay or a river, stream, creek, or other body of water in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.
All winners will receive a one-year membership to CBF and winning photos may be displayed on CBF’s website, in a CBF e-newsletter, in CBF’s 2019 calendar, and in CBF’s award-winning magazine, Save the Bay.
Judging will be conducted by a panel of CBF employees on the basis of subject matter, composition, focus, lighting, uniqueness, and impact. The public will also be able to vote online for their favorite photo in the HYPERLINK “http://www.cbf.org/Page.aspx?pid=1780″Viewers’ Choice Gallery, starting April 16.
Last year the judges considered more than 1,000 entries. Participation in the Viewers’ Choice Award was outstanding, too, with more than 2,400 votes cast.
Contest rules and details are available online at cbf.org/photocontest.
Kenny Fletcher
Chesapeake Bay Foundation