Letters to The Editor – May 15th, 2019

Published 3:59 pm Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Kudos to supervisors

Editor, Smithfield Times
First and foremost I would like to thank the entire Isle of Wight Board of Supervisors for their service. Agree with their decisions or not, I do believe they all are doing what they think best for the County.
Making a decision on the recently proposed Juvenile Justice Facility near Windsor was a very trying time for the board and a great number of citizens. Friendships were strained, regrettable things were said in the heat of the moment and many fantastic untrue rumors were circulated about members of the Board and some of the citizens that opposed the facility. I believe the outcome in this instance was a fair and just one because when a great majority of citizens directly affected express their opposition or support for a project, except in extreme circumstances, their concerns should be paramount.
Supervisor McCarty must be singled out, not just because I agree with his decision, but because after initially voting in favor the project, he listened to the concerns of all citizens, including those who are not his constituents, and took the time to review new information. As a result he changed his vote from one of support for the project to one of opposition. Changing your public position is a very difficult and brave thing to do, especially for someone in government, but every intelligent person I have ever known had that quality.
This is not to to criticize the Supervisors who voted for the project. They just had a different view on what was best for the County, and voted their conscience. Although the way some of the board and county staff handled this project did not appear totally aboveboard, I am sure that just like many of the citizens involved, in the future they will improve in the way they handle similar projects.
I was deeply concerned to learn that some Board members were the subject of threats and personal verbal attacks. There is never any excuse for this type of conduct. This is why we have a political system in the first place. All sides have their say, someone has to lose and life must go on. I sincerely hope that all of the hard feelings that arose out of this project can be healed, friendships restored and everyone will continue to work for the betterment of Isle of Wight County.
Volpe Boykin

Poverty for seniors?

Editor, Smithfield Times
Recent local news reported that Medicare will run out of reserve money in seven years. Thereafter, reduced benefits (87 percent AARP) will come from Medicare payments from wages of active workers. For the average retired couple this means an additional $3,600 in yearly costs for premiums for a Plan F Supplement and Part B Medicare.
In addition to Social Security not keeping up with CLA, the internet and AARP say Social Security will run out of reserve money in 15 years. Thereafter, reduced benefits (75 percent) will come from Social Security payments from wages of active workers. Virtually all Social Security recipients then will have poverty level incomes, most exhausting their saving reserve in three to six years. It will mean Depression for a third of Isle of Wight adults, most used to a middle class existence.
Seniors 55 and older should begin maximizing savings now and reducing costs to the bone. For example, postpone retirement and Social Security to 70, shop thrift stores only, plant a Victory Garden, become a do-it-yourselfer, experiment with heating and cooling one room, reduce driving mileage substantially, review insurances, foster people relationships for future support, carpooling, depression, co-habitation, etc. Remember our generation had fewer children to take care of us than our parents’ generation. Set an extreme budget and see if it works.
Seniors can still be comfortable in their old age, but it will require over the next y ears many and very careful decisions to perfect their budgets. Itemization of “Pay You” credit cards is a big help for budgeting. Do not make the fatal mistake of believing government will bail y ou out. At best, any “fix” will be inadequate. The next seven years are the biblical fat years for us seniors, and will be followed by leaner and harder years. Awake, older folk, awake. The clock is ticking.
Thomas Finderson

A ‘Thank you’ from Ruritans

Editor, Smithfield Times
A heartfelt thanks to all who supported the Carrollton Ruritan Club in its semi-annual Fish Fry fundraiser on Saturday, May 4. We are very grateful for the support shown by our community. All of you helped us to break our previous records!
We also deeply appreciate the generosity of our business partners and those individuals whose special purchases and contributions helped in this huge success. We’d like to publicly thank Bennett’s Creek Nursery, Bon Vivant Wine & Brew, Commercial Power Sweeping, Mike Duman Auto Sales, Farmers Service Co, Ferguson’s Automotive Repair, First Call Paint Ball, Hanover Tech Sales, J&B Hartigan Inc, John May Realtor, Jones and Jones, P.C., Laufer Insurance, Major League Builders, Murray L. Nixon’s Fishery, Q-Daddy’s BBQ, Ripsaw Contracting, Saunders Supply Company, Schaubach Companies of Virginia, Smithfield True Value Hardware, Suffolk Materials, Suffolk Pest Control, The Oaks Veterinary Clinic, Travis’s Auto Repair, Troy Marine, and Wharf Hill Brewery (Lee Duncan).
A special thank you to our Ruritan member partners Billy Hampton with Carrollton 7-Eleven, Keith Compton with Edward Jones, and William and Amanda McCarty with Healing Waters Worship Center.
Our Ruritan Club mission is “community improvement through fellowship, goodwill and community service.” Our fundraising efforts have helped us to sponsor decades of Scout Troop and Cub Pack 36, provide college scholarships to local students, support the Carrollton Library summer reading program, provide filled backpacks for elementary school children in need, provide lunch to thank and recognize the teaching staff at Carrollton Elementary, and assist the Food Pantries of Christian Outreach and Rescue Friends, and roadside trash pickup, to name but a few of our efforts.
Thanks again for all your support of our work in the community.
Georgette Phillips, President
Marcie Spoonhoward, VP
Laurie Mercer, Secretary
Jim Henderson, Treasurer
Sharon Schmincke
Fish Fry Project Leader

Thanks to Supporters

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Editor, Smithfield Times
On behalf of the Auxiliary for the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 8545, I would like to say “thank you.” As the chairman of the Poppy Drive, I would like to acknowledge our gracious neighborhood businesses for allowing us to use their storefronts to ask for donations in response to our poppy drive. Those involved this year were True Value, Tractor Supply, the Cockeyed Rooster, Smithfield ABC Store, Food Lion, 7-Eleven Smithfield and 7-Eleven Carrollton, and the new Kroger Store.
There were a host of volunteers who helped out in our drive. Thank you to all involved.
Shirlene Harper
Poppy Drive