Letters to The Editor 09-18-19

Published 4:29 pm Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Glad she’s in Carrollton

Editor, Smithfield Times
If we lived in Smithfield, we would put a “For Sale” sign on our property immediately! A 19 percent property tax increase out of nowhere is outrageous! How can the town justify a bill like that? They spend indiscriminately and then throw a surprise bill of thousands of dollars at every homeowner! Please, voters, fire every single member who voted “aye” on this one! Actually, impeach them, if you can, that being the flavor of the year. Thank God we live in Carrollton where we do not have political hacks doing what they think is “best for us!”
Linda Reagan

A Hulick supporter

Editor, Smithfield Times
Mrs. Hulick has my support for the Newport District School Board seat because of her dedicated efforts to improve the education system in Isle of Wight. I have listed below a few of the accomplishments that occurred during her tenure on this School Board. A positive working relationship with the Board of Supervisors has been established. The first defined maintenance program for the school system has been instituted. It identifies the needs of each school and tracks repairs on a scheduled basis. A positive relationship with several prominent private organizations has been developed. The school system receives support in equipment and manpower from their companies. A five-year CIP has been created for the school system. The plan is updated on a yearly basis and is the first of its kind in our school system.

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A five-year Strategic Plan, for the education of the children and the professional development of the staff, has been implemented. The plan is updated yearly and is the first of its kind in Isle of Wight. Isle of Wight received a $3 million gift from Smithfield Foods and it is being used to support education and building upgrades at Smithfield High School. The county developed an in-house CTE program that saves the citizens of Isle of Wight $200,000 a year. Since the start of this program, enrollment in CTE increased approximately 60 students to over 300 at present. The school are fully accredited and have typically better SOL scores than the state average. The children and teachers have made quality education the standard in Isle of Wight County. All of the above has been accomplished with no increase in budgeting for the past three years. I am convinced that this is the best-managed school system Isle of Wight has ever had. I thank this School Board, the administration and the school system staff for their outstanding efforts. Also, congratulations to a wonderful group of young students here in Isle of Wight County. Please vote for Mrs. Hulick in November.
Edmond Easter

Arbitrary reporting

Editor, Smithfield Times
The Sept. 11 issue of The Smithfield Times addressed the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request directed to the Isle of Wight County School Board Chairperson by a former School Board member. Managing Editor Diana McFarland took great pains to demonstrate her bias in the manner in which she attempted to discredit the former member by labeling him as a “government detractor,” and as one who is “known for stirring the pot.” Without relevance to the current issue, she also dredged up instances of previous encounters involving the former member with others.
Although an editorial in the same edition extolled the virtues of journalistic restraint because “It is so easy to destroy a person’s reputation and so difficult to undo harm once it’s done,” that standard was ignored in this instance. While ignoring obvious spelling, repeated words, and other mechanical issues within her publication, she stressed the (SIC) issues, font utilized, the use of highlighters, and the fact that some notes submitted to officials are handwritten, rather than typed by the former member.
Ms. McFarland should refrain from opinion on matters public and focus on the rigor required to ensure content contained in The Smithfield Times is error-free and objective; rather than engaging in arbitrary and capricious reporting.
Steve Webb

A wonderful place to live

Editor, Smithfield Times
In early spring of 2018, local food pantry volunteers and community activists started talking about the need for children of Jersey Park Apartments and across Isle of Wight County to have nutritious lunches and a safe, fun, creative place to go during the summer. From those conversations was born the “Summer Kids Program.” The program was founded in 2018 by The Isle of Wight Christian Outreach Program and Rescue Evangelical Friends Church and was held in the Jersey Park Community Room. The kids loved it. The volunteers loved it. The 2019 Summer Kids Program, which just ended, provided a 3-hour program, Monday through Friday from July 1 through August 14. The program grew and included children from several areas around Smithfield. The program was managed and manned by community volunteers and all funding was provided by contributions from individuals, businesses, churches and organizations in our community. This program has been an effort of love in support of our children. COP in partnership with Rescue Evangelical Friends Church wishes to thank the following churches, businesses and organizations for their support: First Gravel Hill Baptist Church for hosting our program this year and providing so many volunteers, their bus, kitchen, resources, security and facilities; Main Street Baptist for providing bus transportation for our children every day; Edward Jones of Carrollton; Isle of Wight Parks and Recreation; Smithfield Women’s Club; Riverview Methodist Church; Poplar Lawn Baptist Church of Surry; Papa John’s Pizza, Subway, Kroger’s, Domino’s Pizza and so many more volunteers and contributors than can be listed here due to space.
You were all critical to our success and to our children. Thank you. You are proof that Isle of Wight County is a wonderful place to live. Lanelle Johnson
Program Director
COP Summer Kids Program