Letters to The Editor 10-16-19

Published 3:29 pm Tuesday, October 15, 2019

They’re not neighbors

Editor, Smithfield Times
Last week we received a letter addressed to “Grimseland Neighbor” to (my neighborhood) from “Wilson Rd Neighbors.” It told of the benefits of joining a neighborhood network. The letter was then signed by a former Smithfield Police Officer (a nice man) who does not live in the neighborhood. The letter was a mailing from Zip Code 92834 (Fullerton, California) which is 3,000 miles from Smithfield.
This, in my view, is a scam allowing access to the personal information of people in the community that enroll (www.nextdoor.com/join) within the seven-day period with the special code (NLQJQZ).  The real Grimesland neighbors I know are very good people that don’t need to be played, spied upon, have their inbox filled with spam, or otherwise manipulated. We do quite well, thank you. To my knowledge that is generally true of people throughout the town of Smithfield. I am sharing this to help others avoid this California operation invading their homes through the internet
Jerry Tenney

Ajax just a rust bucket

Editor, Smithfield Times
I was surprised to read in the Times that the Nike Ajax Missile was still an option for the Park in Carrollton. I had not really been keeping up with the latest developments. I wrote to the paper once before detailing my views on the subject, so here goes again.
As a former draftee and trained on the Nike Ajax and Hercules systems at Ft. Bliss, Texas, let me say that I was not a person who believed in the system from the git-go. We are the luckiest people in Tidewater to not ever have to put it to use. It would have had a disastrous effect had we been forced to. To me it was a worthless, costly boondoggle by our government from the beginning. The range was so limited and there were only three batteries here in this area, Hampton, Virginia Beach and Carrollton. The only usefulness in my mind as a deterrent was for publicity purposes only, and our opponents did not know the capabilities. Incoming missiles would have torn us apart.

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Why don’t you put this pig in a poke to rest. Hampton is tickled to death that Isle of Wight is interested in it. They are getting rid of a rust bucket item costing a fortune to take care of and a mess that none of them want.
I served my country and proudly so, but when my time was served, I came home and proudly went back to the occupation that the draft took me away from. There are many more ways that the tale of the Nike Park can be exhibited and are a whole lot less costly. If these so called volunteers want something to do, let them keep that missile in their on back yard and let them display it from there, but for me, we are already paying enough taxes and need no more, and I am asking the Supervisor from my area to vote against it.
What happens after these volunteer historians pass on? There are not too many of us left that were trained on the Nike Systems, and me only because I had to. That was where my draft board had me sent. I served my country gladly and when my time was over, thank the Lord I did not have to play soldier any more.
Do the right thing Board of Supervisors, and put this thing to rest and vote it down for good. Roger H. Glover

She’s voting for McCarty

Editor, Smithfield Times
Supervisor McCarty is running for re-election and that seems reason enough to go to the polls on Nov. 5.
I do not know if he is a republican or a democrat. Is Supervisor McCarty a conservative or a liberal? I don’t know and I don’t see why it would matter.
I believed that the juvenile justice center was good for our county but in the end Supervisor McCarty came out against it. So, clearly, I do not agree with him on every issue. But, again, why should that matter?
What matters to me is electing supervisors whose only agenda is the long-term welfare of our county. Supervisor McCarty listens, he is out in the community, he values people, he wants all county representatives to be transparent in their doings, and he is willing to make the hard choices. Those qualities are what matter to me.
I would encourage everyone to vote on Nov. 5 and while you are there, how about casting your vote to re-elect our hard working supervisor William McCarty?
Sarah Robinson

Re-elect Vicky Hulick

Editor, Smithfield Times
Roughly 20 years ago, I graduated from the Isle of Wight County School system. My mother and grandmother were graduates as well, and now my two daughters are currently enrolled in Hardy and Westside Elementary.
In my years living in this wonderful town, I have not seen someone with as much heart and commitment for the children and staff of IOW as I have in Vicky Hulick. Their needs are always in the forefront of her decisions. She not only thinks about the current condition of all of our county schools, but plans ahead for the years to come. She has helped initiate a long-range plan that accounts for the growth in our county, as well as ways to place equity in each of our school facilities to keep them safe and up to date.
My children have been directly impacted by Mrs. Hulick’s focus on coding and STEM classes in the elementary schools. In this ever-changing technological world, I appreciate these efforts immensely, and my children will benefit greatly. She also helped implement an approachable reading program that helps students achieve their individual reading goals starting at the elementary age. This is a foundation that is so critical to establish.
I know Mrs. Hulick personally as a friend, and I have seen her tough work ethic in action. She gets the job done and doesn’t seek the credit. She will continue to strive to make the needed improvements that our county schools need and deserve. If I lived in the Newport District, she would have my vote! Re-elect Vicky Hulick on Nov. 5 for the Isle of Wight County School Board.
Elizabeth Austin

Little Comp Plan input

Editor, Smithfield Times
The code of Virginia states that the Comprehensive Plan shall be review periodically by the Planning Commission to determine if it needs to be amended. The Planning Commission was created to provide an independent voice free from political ties or influence from upper management. However some members of the Board of Supervisors, including William McCarty and Dick Grice, ignored the code and assigned the task to county staff in the Planning Department.
I have been to many of the presentations for this rewrite of the Comp Plan during which the Planning Department led the ever-shrinking audience toward its own vision for the county.
The Board of Supervisors hand-selected a task force to contribute to the Comp Plan. I attended these meetings at which the group was told what would happen rather than being asked to advise.
Many parts of the 2040 Plan, which was firmly rejected by citizens, are embedded in the rewrite of the Comp Plan. This includes heavy development in the Newport District, with even higher density than 2040 allowed. This would further overload schools that are at capacity. With up to 3,500 new houses already approved or pending, we do not need to amend the Comp Plan to allow for additional growth in the Newport District.
McCarty recently hosted a contractors’ conference to pave the way for more rapid development. Staff proposes to allow themselves the authority to approve smaller developments without public input.
As we approach public hearings before the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors, everyone needs to read and fully understand this new plan. We need to decide if this is the direction we want this formerly rural county to go.
One of my goals should I be elected to represent the Newport District on the Board of Supervisors is to increase public input and prevent end runs around the public.
Richard Gillerlain

A Hulick supporter

Editor, Smithfield Times
Without any hesitation, Vicky Hulick is the best candidate to re-elect for school board Newport District Carrollton. Ms. Hulick has vast experience in working with parents and her community members to solve issues promptly. 
I have had the pleasure of working with Vicky Hulick through our church and have seen first hand her dedication to our school’s and how well she works with a variety of people. Vicky has shown her commitment to keeping our children safe by implementing new equipment and a strong security program. She has also created a higher level of transparency to the community by live streaming meetings. This has helped make meetings more accessible to those who can not attend. 
Vicky Hulick epitomizes determination, fairness, and compassion. Vote Vicky Hulick Nov. 5.   Lauren Babb

Disputes letter

Editor, Smithfield Times
When you put something in writing you need to check your facts. That was not the case with the latter from Mr. Baines last week.
Contrary to the letter, Mr. Bailey did not vote for the bike path. He was the only dissenting vote, and then followed up his vote by advising each supervisor that voting in favor was not in the best interest of the citizens.
Second, planning commissioners are appointed for four-year terms but most are renewed when their four years is completed. If not renewed, an explanation would be expected. Glowing compliments in writing by the supervisor to the planning commissioner, in this instance, suggested reappointment. However, no conversation took place, just an email that said “Thank you for your service.” Does that show a lack of good business practices by Mr. McCarty when a citizen had given four years of time and effort to the county?
Also, I note that Mr. Baines is the custodian paid by Healing Waters Church, where William McCarty is pastor. Folks, does that make you wonder where some of these facts came from?
I have met Mr. Bailey several times, and I would not describe him as a man who “spews information.” Are we not taught in church that when we do something wrong, we should not continue to judge? I doubt this man has ever met Mr. Bailey, or Mr. Gillerlain. Talk with them before you quote inaccuracies.
It is correct that the current supervisors “inherited” the bike path, but they could have stopped it. I was at the supervisors’ meeting when they discussed going forward because they did not want to turn down the money from the commonwealth. Giving up the grant money would have been fiscally prudent, and would have saved the citizens a large sum of money. Ask how much this is costing us and see if anyone gives you a specific amount.
Lynn Faulkner

Editorial was ignorant

Editor, Smithfield Times
When I read the article that stereotyped Pitbulls as aggressive animals, I was absolutely disgusted. Not only was the article incredibly biased, but it was also ignorant.
First of all, stating most attacks that happen are pitbulls so therefore it is a dangerous breed is just as wrong as someone saying, well, most people in jail are African Americans, so we should be wary against those people.
Secondly, the writer clearly did not talk to shelters, and took what was supposed to be an informative study by DogsBite.com to shed light on the types of dogs people tend to abuse and raise to harm others and used it as reasoning to be weary (sic)of the breed itself. The statement, “…the biter happens to be a dog that’s been bred to rip and tear a victim — and nationally, they are most often pit bull..” is not only a statistic that is misleading, but also incorrect.
One hundred years ago, when dog fighting was more common, purebred dogs like the American Pit Bull Terrier were bred to be extremely friendly and gentle with people. Part of the reason was that even in a dogfight, handlers wanted to be able to get a hold of their dogs without getting bitten. Due to this general trait of human friendliness, one century ago the Pit Bull was one of the most popular family dogs in America.
Dogs are not born bad. People who abuse animals, and who stereotype breeds are the ones who need to rethink their own stances. We shouldn’t stray away from strong dogs because of their potential, just as we shouldn’t stray away from large people because of their capabilities.  All dogs deserve an education based on a positive approach, they deserve a family that loves them, and they deserve to be considered as an individual with a unique personality.
Jessica Jackman

A McCarty supporter

Editor, Smithfield Times
The most effective leaders care about the people they lead. Electing leaders is a tricky business, especially when our options are limited to a handful of candidates who are seeking a position. We are often forced to choose between two individuals with whom we disagree and hope for the best.
Through the years that I have known William M. McCarty I can honestly say that I have never fully agreed with him on everything but I have seen what drives his decisions. He always strives for what is best for all people regardless of their faith, opinions, or background. He puts the people first above his own benefit and personal well-being every time.
David N. Thomas

Supporting Hulick

Editor, Smithfield Times
I am writing to share my support for Vicky Hulick’s re-election for School Board. Isle of Wight County is very fortunate to have a candidate who is as hard working and devoted as she is. As a parent of a child who attends an Isle of Wight County public school, I know that Vicky is very involved with the schools and not only understands the big picture of things but makes a point to know the every-day struggles both parents and educators face.
Vicky is the type of public servant we all want working for our community. She makes herself available for parent phone calls and gives parents the tools or assistance they need to resolve their problems because she cares deeply about the quality of education all students receive. While serving on the School Board, Vicky has brought transparency and accessibility to the public through live-streaming of meetings, increased teacher and bus driver wages, and created a maintenance plan for all of the schools in the county.
I have been fortunate to have Vicky as a neighbor for the past four and a half years and know her to be the type of person one can call if something needs to get done. She is incredibly reliable, determined, and trustworthy. I strongly encourage all those in Isle of Wight County’s Newport District to vote for Vicky Hulick on Nov. 5.
Sarah Moore

Voting for Dick Grice

Editor, Smithfield Times
I am luckily a long time resident of Smithfield and I have never seen or experienced a more financially flourishing time as a resident and entrepreneur than in the last 3 ½ years in Isle of Wight County and specifically here in our town of Smithfield. That’s why I am recommending everyone to vote for Dick Grice for re-election so he can continue his very impactful and successful results on the Isle of Wight County Board of Supervisors representing our Smithfield District.
He has not only been doing an amazing Job for us, but he has stood strong against corrupt opinions and decisions that would seek to exploit our county’s finances, land and natural resources. This has been so refreshing after such a long run for years from the good “good ol’ boys club” and no results from our prior officials. Unlike them, he actually kept his campaign promises. He protected us from further tax increases. He pushed the county’s positive business growth focus and brought new business to Isle of Wight County. Even better he is down to earth and a real person you can talk to, heck, even call! I like that, A LOT!
When someone uses their title like “Dr” to describe who they are, unless they are a physician, I find they’re usually pompous, have a sense of privilege, and usually turn out to be only smart in their technical field of study but disconnected from the people around them. 
That’s also another reason why I Support Dick Grice. I have taken time to reach out and speak to him. He doesn’t boast or fluff his feathers or put his corporate executive experience or degrees in your face. He is someone who has fought really hard to better his place in life and take care of his family. I think real Leaders let their actions, results, and accomplishments speak for themselves. 
Voting for Dick Grice means actually knowing he listens to me, a Resident of Smithfield. He is not only a great representative for us all on the Board of Supervisors, but he is a man of his word who has the experience we need and cares about what his Neighbors are going through too. That’s why I’m voting for Dick Grice for Board of Supervisors.
Bill Yoakum

Voting for Brewer

Editor, Smithfield Times
I am writing in support of the re-election of Republican Delegate Emily Brewer for the 64th District. No one previously in that office has done a better job than she or has been more responsive to her constituents’ questions and concerns. As a first term Delegate her dedication and intelligence was recognized early by the leadership of the House and she was appointed to several important committees. Several Bills very beneficial to the citizens of the commonwealth that she sponsored were passed into law. She has proven by getting these Bills passed that she is willing to work in a bipartisan fashion when it does not violate her conservative values. She is a small business owner and understands the importance of small business to the economy and has not forgotten, like many politicians do, that she is a citizen like the rest of us. To me that is her greatest quality.
This election is one of the most important ever in our Commonwealth. We have a choice between Republican candidates like Emily Brewer and her opponent, one of the far left Democrats. Democratic candidates in this election have already attempted to pass bills in the last Legislative session or continue to support Bills that would allow abortions up to nine months, the destruction of historic war monuments, severe restrictions on firearms rights that criminals and the mentally ill will never obey, expansion of Medicaid which Democrat-appointed Virginia Finance Secretary Layne is already warning could break the State budget, the Green New Deal that Governor Northam is already attempting to implement part of which will cripple the future State economy and cause electric bills to rise, increases in just about every State tax you pay, $15.00 minimum wage which will destroy small business, and these are just the highlights of their destructive proposals. This is not the old Democrat Party we knew. It is the new Socialist/Communist Democrat Party.
Volpe Boykin

The Fresh Air program

Editor, Smithfield Times
I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Fresh Air host families and volunteer leaders in Hampton Roads. Because of their dedication and commitment, thousands of children from New York City’s low-income communities participated in our Friendly Towns volunteer host family program this summer.
I am inspired by the heartfelt stories shared by hosts who welcome our children into their homes and community, and the joy and growth it brings to everyone. For over 140 years, The Fresh Air Fund has brought people together. Children make new friends and forge relationships that can last a lifetime. We’ve learned that after staying with a host family children are more confident and more comfortable meeting new and different people. Children tell me about their excitement to return to visit with a host family and all the activities ahead.
Our programs would not be possible without the generosity of our Fresh Air host families, supporters, and volunteers in Hampton Roads. Our local volunteers, many of whom are also hosts, interview prospective host families, help recruit new families and plan special activities. I would also like to thank the individuals and local businesses who give their time and resources to ensure The Fresh Air Fund’s Friendly Towns Program in Hampton Roads is such a success each year.
The Fresh Air Fund, an independent, not-for-profit agency, has provided free summer experiences to more than 1.8 million New York City children from low-income communities since 1877. Each summer, thousands of children visit volunteer host families along the East Coast and Southern Canada.
Please contact Kirsten Domingo at 757-270-7733 or visit HYPERLINK “http://www.freshair.org/”www.FreshAir.org to learn more about hosting a child through The Fresh Air Fund.
Fatima Shama
Executive Director
The Fresh Air Fund