Letters to The Editor 10-30-19

Published 4:40 pm Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Is this the ‘2030’ plan?

Editor, Smithfield Times
I am very unhappy over Carrollton’s 3,500-plus possible new homes (Smithfield Times, 10/16/19). These new developments usually raze most of the trees, destroying wildlife’s homes, build big homes on small lots while jamming in hundreds! Don’t the planners know or care that the trees are buffers to flooding!? Drive through most old developments and you’re surrounded by spaces and beautiful trees! Common sense knows that we need trees and marshes.   Rush hour in Carrollton is already now starting “before rush hour.” Our roads are clogged, we have more red lights, we arere losing open fields, including the woods and wildlife. Will Carrollton become Newport News?
Most of Northern Isle of Wight County voiced negative opinions about 2040. Is this now 2030? We don’t want suburban development on Cedar Grove Road or Rt. 17 either. That packs us in like sardines with only one road out of Cedar Grove Road. What if there’s an emergency evacuation? Once you build, there’s no going back and our Rural, peaceful life becomes Suburban sprawl. There have to be common sense limits to over-crowded development.   Elizabeth Coburn

Her mama’s newspaper

Editor, Smithfield Times
Although we are very happy as you and Anne advance into Life Chapter 2 and hope you will be fulfilled, we will miss having you lead The Times. We thank you for all your years of dedication and expertise in sharing community news and enlightening so many. We feel confident you are passing the torch to continued responsible and caring ownership, but your personal and honest contributions to reliable and trustworthy news will be missed.

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When Mama, Elizabeth Winslow, decided to leave our homeplace on the farm and move to Chesterfield with us 20-plus years ago, she made sure her Smithfield Times, which she had read religiously since the Jesse Scott years, was renewed each year and became quite cranky when it wasn’t delivered on Thursday (our local post office’s problem). On Thursday evening before or after she and I watched Wheel of Fortune, she made sure to “catch me up” on all the Smithfield area news. She kept each week’s issue on the table next to her chair until the next one arrived. She honestly treasured The Times as one of her vital connections to her beloved Isle of Wight. You made that possible for her.
We can only imagine the time, effort and stress running a newspaper demands, and you and Anne have looked beyond yourselves and met those needs for many years. Thank you for the years of dedication.
Beth & Lynwood Butner

Opposes project

Editor, Smithfield Times
Our Isle of Wight Planning Commission has voted to rezone a portion of the Channell Farm, located at the corner of Whippenham Parkway and Channel Way, into a new 55-plus mixed use development community. This development includes expanding Smith’s Neck Road across Rt. 17, Between Bojangles and 7-11, to access the 30 acres behind it. The new road will forever change the beautiful Carisbrooke neighborhood and Carrollton. 
This development was not a part of the county’s original comprehensive plan, and it is agreed to, we can look forward to even more gridlock from Newport News in to Carrollton on the James River Bridge in the afternoon rush, a possible uptick in crime, and possible telemarketer fraud of our valued 55-plus community.
This is a critical issue and we have an election in less than a week. The vote for this development is set right after the election and our voices are being ignored once again! We must address this issue through how we vote on Tuesday 5 and by attending the Board of Supervisors meeting on Nov. 7. Please attend the Planning Commission’s Envision 2040 meeting on Nov. 26 also.
To our supervisors who say they want to get re-elected and vote for more expansion against public wishes, shame on you. If I were a betting man, I’d say that for most people, a move to Carrollton did not include a desire for our little community to become a metropolitan area. Lets raise our voices and vote our consciences, letting the board know that they do.
Reid S. Lundie

Brewer for Delegate

Editor, Smithfield Times
Delegate Emily Brewer has a strong sense of family values. Having been adopted herself, she is a strong advocate for. There are hundreds of children across Virginia waiting for permanent homes and others waiting for placement in foster care. It is Emily’s goal to streamline this process to better provide for the needs of children who have already experienced too much unnecessary hardship and just want to be loved.
Ms. Brewer is also a strong advocate for the sanctity of life. Not only does she fight for the rights of the unborn, but she is deeply concerned about the track the pro-choice movement is taking. Bills like Kathy Trans’ extreme abortion bill, which would allow “abortion” even after the child is delivered alive a bill that Gov. Northam was all too ready to sign into law. Emily’s concern for the sanctity of life not only includes a heart for the unborn, but for the elderly, the terminally ill, the handicapped and those suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s.
The Equal Rights Amendment, which has been put forth, would allow for the termination of those people falling in the aforementioned categories. We simply cannot stand idly by and allow such an atrocity to take place. We must do all we can to protect the lives of the unborn, the elderly and the infirm. The right to life is guaranteed under our Constitution, and we must defend that right.
Therefore, the Isle of Wight/Surry chapter of the Virginia Society for Human Life is pleased to pledge it’s full support to Emily Brewer and sincerely hope the citizens of the 64th District will do the same. Ms. Brewer is deeply concerned for the well being of her constituents and the entire state of Virginia.
Judy Hoffman
IW/Surry Chap.
Society for Human Life

Endorsing Barbee

Editor, Smithfield Times
As Election Day approaches, I want to take this opportunity to address Surry voters as the former sheriff of their county. I am writing to endorse R.M. “Rocky” Barbee for the position of Surry County Sheriff. I have known Rocky for most of his adult life and I feel as if I can speak to his character, work ethic and dedication to law enforcement.
In my capacity as sheriff in Surry, I had the opportunity to work with Rocky. I was then, and am now, consistently impressed with his diligence, his motivation and his drive to accomplish any task. Rocky works very well with others in both professional and personal matters. People are comfortable with him and lean on him in times of need.
As a leader, he takes command of any situation and confidently carries out the mission at hand. I trust his judgment and know that others do as well. Rocky’s love and devotion for his community is evident through the ways he has given back — as an EMS volunteer, as a parent who raised his children in Surry and as a former member of the Surry Sheriff’s Office.
Rocky will not fail us. He will lead us in new directions while at the same time never letting us forget where we have been.
I encourage you to get out and vote on November 5th. Let your voice be heard.
Vote for Rocky Barbee as sheriff of Surry County.
H.D. Brown
Surry Sheriff

For Hulick and Thomas

Editor, Smithfield Times
I am writing to offer my complete support for the re-election of Vicky Hulick and the election of Matt Thomas for School Board. 
I feel very fortunate to have served alongside Vicky on our School Board for the past four years. Words like “integrity” and “transparency” often surface during elections and while it is easy to claim that incumbents lack these traits, in this case, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Vicky has run a positive campaign based on honesty, facts and a true interest in the betterment of our schools. Vicky has tirelessly advocated for our schools with members of our Board of Supervisors as well as state legislators. Vicky is responsive to community concerns and makes herself available to answer questions and to find solutions. 
Matt is no stranger to our schools either as he currently has children at Westside, Smithfield Middle and Smithfield High. He is a regular volunteer in our schools and in our community and has served on the Superintendent’s Parent Advisory Committee for the past two years. He believes that all students have the capacity to succeed and has a special interest and experience in our special education program. He is committed to furthering the successes of our CTE program and also ensuring that there is equity among our facilities. He has the time, focus and passion to be an extremely effective board member and his level-headed, thoughtful nature will make him a great asset to the School Board.
Hulick, in the Newport District, and Thomas, in the Smithfield District are your best choices on Nov. 5.
Kirstin Cook

Thomas supporter

Editor, Smithfield Times
With Election Day on the horizon, I feel compelled to write and share my enthusiastic support for Matthew Thomas, candidate for School Board.
Having known Matthew for nearly a decade, I’ve witnessed first-hand his tireless support of our schools. Over the years he has been a part of initiatives to improve classrooms and enhance the educational experience of the students. As a father of three, he has been committed to the public school system’s success and has assisted wherever the need is great. This parental vantage point has also allowed Matthew to experience the division’s successes, while observing opportunities for improvement within the district.
With Matthew elected to the role, I am confident he will bring fresh and innovative ideas and will lead with logic, reason and sound judgment in support of stewardship of County dollars. His understanding and familiarity of what is happening in the system will be an asset that will help guide his decisions and work as a School Board member.
Danielle Barnes

Likes his supervisor

Editor, Smithfield Times
My name is Thomas Byrd and I have been involved in political matters in my home area since I was a teenager. I have seen Surry County evolve from the days of the Surry Assembly until the present. Many of the elder citizens who assisted with voter registration efforts and the betterment of our schools have passed on. I have great respect for their efforts and impact they had. The efforts for good government is not a sprint race, but a relay race in which the baton is passed on to the next generation.
In the present times, I am greatly concerned at the direction of our county government. Our population and student enrollment continues to decline, and many of our citizens leave the area to find good jobs. I believe we as citizens we need once again to be aware of county matters, participate and return our government to the citizens.
I am very pleased with the efforts of my current representative on the board from the Dendron Election District. He is often the dissenting vote in attempting to do what is right for all. To turn around our county, we all need to join the efforts. Please vote on Nov. 5 for the candidate you believe will bring fresh ideas and work for all the citizens.
Thomas Byrd

Voting for Barbee

Editor, Smithfield Times
I support Rocky Barbee for Sheriff of Surry County. Having worked with Rocky during my 36 years as the administrative assistant at the Sheriff’s Office, he will manage the Sheriff’s Office as a law enforcement agency not a pedestal for self-promotion.
Rocky understands the importance of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” — a great principle to live by. He will bring integrity, community involvement and true concern for the safety of our citizens. When Rocky Barbee is elected, he well take your phone calls, he will meet with you and listen to your concerns, he will return phone your calls.
Rocky will lead by example and with a supportive attitude to all employees. He will mentor employees, find and expound on their strengths; enhancing that strength with specialized training. This will grow the department and provide better services to the citizens in need. This, along with his concern for and attitude towards others should provide employee retention and promote community stability.
Rocky Barbee will set a tone that will generate camaraderie between employees, other agencies and the citizens; something desperately needed in our county as well as the world.
Sharon Scott

Stop the violence

Editor, Smithfield Times
I get really aggravated every time I read an opinion that goes something like, pass all these new gun laws and gun violence will go down. While I don’t disagree some legislation might help, what everyone seems to gloss over is the violence part of gun violence.
No one wants to talk about or address how we go about getting people to not want to kill or maim others. We can enact all the gun laws in the world, but until we address the underlying cause, the why people do this, we will never solve this problem. Next time you want to espouse about guns, maybe throw an idea or two about how to fix the violence part of the equation, be it education, fixing family and community dynamics, more things for youth to do to stay out of trouble, ban social media until you’re 21, etc. Enacting new gun laws will prove to be a very small fix towards getting people not to kill one another.
Rob Hunter

Supporting Thomas

Editor, Smithfield Times This letter is to offer my support of Matthew Thomas for Isle of Wight County School Board in the Smithfield District. He has served this community is a variety of ways, volunteering when needed. For example, when Hardy Elementary needed a new playground, he stepped up and led the committee, facilitated the removal of outdated equipment, and surveyed teachers and students to see what they wanted in a new playground. Working with the PTA, the school Central Office, and the community, Hardy was able to build a new playground that following summer.
He believes all students should have equitable access to the best education possible. His ability to communicate in writing and in person is remarkable. I know that he will be able to work together with the other board members, the superintendent, and the county board of supervisors to make our schools excel. I believe he will make the best decisions for our children as well as the other stakeholders in Isle of Wight County.   I look forward to seeing everyone at the polls on Nov. 5.
Sarah Johnson

Voting for Dick Grice

Editor, Smithfield Times
I found the Board of Supervisors Forum at the Smithfield Center very helpful in solidifying my choice of Dick Grice to represent the Smithfield District. Dick Grice had a much firmer grasp than his opponent on the topics that were asked of each candidate. He spoke very informatively on Isle of Wight County’s financial state, specifically outlining the past performance, current actions, and future goals regarding the county’s fiscal budget and revenue.
Mr. Grice had a strong part in the development of the Smithfield High School CTE Program that is helping to development work and life skills for our students that may not be planning to pursue college after graduation. I also appreciated that Mr. Grice helped to form task forces that used county residents help guide his voting decisions regarding the areas of volunteer fire and emergency services, the Blackwater Park use and management, and the Advisory Committee for Long Range Financial Planning.
In the end, I was most impressed with the knowledge, sound ideas, and past performance of Dick Grice. And that’s why he has my vote and I recommend that my fellow Smithfield District Residents vote for Dick Grice also.
Bill Yoakum

Recommends Hulick

Editor, Smithfield Times
I am taking this opportunity to recommend that Smithfield residents plan to vote in the coming election of Smithfield School Board members. Since the board membership provides a vital link between the community and our school system, it is important to all of us to ensure the best candidates are elected. I attended the recent debate for the candidates vying for a position on the board and found all of the candidates to have good intentions to improve the board’s management of the Smithfield Schools’ programs.
I was particularly impressed by Mrs. Vicky Hulick’s responses to questions and her enthusiasm about continuing to serve our community. I highly recommend her as the best candidate for the new Board. 
It is obvious that Vicky is a devoted member of the School Board. I am continually amazed by her ability to balance maintaining a great family home while serving her community. 
Mrs. Vicky Hulick is the best candidate to represent our community on the Smithfield School Board and I urge that she be re-elected.
Tom Patrick

Endorsing Hulick

Editor, Smithfield Times
I have worked with Vicky Hulick on church leadership teams and watched her help lead our public school system on a steady climb towards producing graduates who can be successful in today’s modern world. With a background in education and four years experience on the school board, she is the best candidate in the Newport District and will represent all students in our county who deserve the best education we can provide. Vicky is a hard worker and has shown her tireless dedication to our school system. I urge you to vote for Vicky Hulick on November 5th.
JoAnn W. Hall

Voting for Rotruck

Editor, Smithfield Times
Four years ago I endorsed Vicky Hulick for School Board, but can no longer in good conscience do so. Lawrence Rotruck believes in transparency for not just our school budget but also decisions made by our board. He knows we have to work with local universities to recruit the best and most diverse teachers. He also believes our schools work better when we hold leaders accountable. As a current teacher with 13-plus years of experience, Mr. Rotruck is more qualified to sit on our School Board than many people I know. His dedication to education and our students is well known through the community.
My vote is for Lawrence Rotruck who will bring integrity, ethics and transparency back to Isle of Wight.
Katie Lemon

Board’s job is to listen

Editor, Smithfield Times
When choosing a candidate to vote for we trust that person to govern wisely, to spend our tax money judiciously and at all times be receptive to the needs and suggestions offered by constituents.
Listen to us! If in your collective wisdom you believe our needs and suggestions are worthy of consideration, then act on them. If collectively, you do not believe our needs or suggestions are worthy of consideration, then at a later meeting or perhaps in a one-on-one conversation explain why not ask for further clarification. I believe it is our right as law abiding, taxpaying citizens to have a part in the decisions you make. And again, it is your right and your responsibility to accept or reject our suggestion or requests. Just listen to us and explain your decisions.
We critics of the board feel that they determined they alone had the wisdom and responsibility to make decisions that affected the entire county.
Perhaps there has been fault on both sides. Now we have a slate of new people, new candidates running for office. I trust there will be a change in the interaction between board members and citizens.
Helen Cooke Eggleston

Backing Hulick

Editor, Smithfield Times
As a personal friend, I see how hard Vicky works and how dedicated she is to the community and improving the education system of Isle of Wight.
Vicky invest a lot of her time in to going to school board meetings, school functions/events, and just visiting the schools to reach out to students and teachers. She spreads herself thin to be able to try and accommodate everyone, yet making adequate time for the community and schools of Isle of Wight. She takes the time to listen to the parents, children and staff. Vicky not only hears the people, but puts into action there needs. From more STEM and coding education, needed improvements/expansion to our schools, and future building. Vicky is not only in the present, but striving for the future of our youth.
Having children in the Isle of Wight schools, I totally trust Vicky hulick with my kids continued education!
Terri Rodriguez

Supporting Edwards

Editor, Smithfield Times
I attended the forum for the Board of Supervisors candidates on Oct. 22. I concluded that Mr. Edwards, running for the Smithfield District, and Mr. Gillerlain, running for the Newport District, are exactly who the county needs to complement the three other supervisors.
Mr. Edwards brings experience as a high school and college educator, school administrator and small business owner. His passion for education was evident.
Mr. Gillerlain brings a much-needed technical background and experience as an Isle of Wight Planning Commissioner, With large scale projects such as new or replacement schools and housing developments on the horizon, we need someone like Mr. Gillerlain who can critically evaluate architectural and engineering presentations. He will work to stop the trend toward high-density development at the n orth end of the county.
The election of these two men will create a well-rounded team that works for and listens to the citizens.
Lynn Roberts

Supporting Rotruck

Editor, Smithfield Times
I am supporting Lawrence Rotruck for the School Board. Having been a recent, former Smithfield teacher, coach and administer, Rotruck will add significant insight to the Board, especially for the issues affecting our administrators and educators. As a parent of three SHS graduates (to include the 2012 Valedictorian), as well as a head coach at the school, the significant volume of turnover especially at the administrative level has been highly destabilizing. Administrations run well when they grow together over time; coordination is refined, and expectations at all levels become well understood.
Rotruck’s experience “living within our school system” provides a unique level of insight needed on our Board. This experience cannot be fully understood regardless of the number of visits one makes to the schools or phones calls with IoW County Schools leadership. I appreciate all that our School Board has done for our schools. I look forward too many more great things from such a small, dedicated group of people who do so much for our community.
John Swartz

Gillerlain supporter

Editor, Smithfield Times
Isle of Wight is growing out of control, and our schools, roads and emergency services cannot keep up. Are you tired of being stuck in rush hour traffic coming down 17 on your commute? Are you worried about Isle of Wight becoming like areas of Virginia Beach? Are you concerned about the board spending money the wrong way? Are you concerned that the board is doing way too much rubber stamping?
Richard L. Gillerlain is not a yes Man. He will make sure the Board of Supervisors works for you and will voice your concerns. He will question ideas and decisions during board sessions. Richard is an Engineer and understands numbers and will be careful with county money. He wants Isle of Wight to remain quint with a small town feel. Vote Richard Gillerlain in our upcoming election.
Barry Pittman
Battery Park

Rotruck supporter

Editor, Smithfield Times
I have known Larry Rotruck personally and professionally for several years and can unequivocally say that he will be a superb member of the IOWC school board. As a teacher, coach and athletic director Larry constantly and consistently inspired excellence both on and off the field of competition by emphasizing that the “Student comes before the Athlete”. 
As a club travel soccer coach Larry’s focus is always on improving the player’s individual character by proving to them through sports training that the effort you put into something directly affects what you get out of it. Going places with Larry in the Hampton Roads area is like traveling with a celebrity because he constantly runs into former students, athletes and parents who want to catch-up and thank him again for all that he did to make their lives better. Larry has positively touched countless lives in our community and as a member of our school board his passion for improving the future of the youth in our community will serve us well.
Larry Rotruck has earned my vote and I most strongly urge you to give him yours as well.
Paul Leslie

A Thomas supporter

Editor, Smithfield Times
I am writing in support of Matt Thomas as the school board representative from the Smithfield District I have known Matt for several years, and have worked alongside him for the past three years on the Smithfield Swim Club team board. I admire Matt for his even-keeled demeanor and his willingness to adopt an open-minded attitude towards problem solving. He is thoroughly committed and dependable, thoughtful and measured in his approach to challenges, and always prepared to roll up his sleeves and do whatever needs to be done, quietly and efficiently.
Matt has been an active participant in the school system for years, as a dedicated PTA member and volunteer, as well as serving on the Parental Advisory Committee for the past two years.  He is a valuable advocate for all students, and well versed on the current issues and challenges facing the school district. Vote for Matt Thomas on Nov. 5.
Maureen Province

Voting for Hulick

Editor, Smithfield Times
I write in support for Vicky Hulick for Isle of Wight county School Board in the coming election. I have known Vicky since we moved to the area in 2017. Being a military family, moving our children from school to school can be a challenge. Vicky was there from the beginning to answer questions and address our concerns helping us get settled in this great part of Virginia.
Since then we have seen that she never stops helping and improving the conditions of the schools and the lives of the children and their families and teachers. Her work towards the installation of new security cameras and badged access security has helped our peace of mind while our children are away at school. Not only is she a great asset to the school community she is a great friend and mother. For these reasons, I am supporting Vicky Hulick for School Board, and I ask all of you to do likewise.
Michelle Collette

Time for a change

Editor, Smithfield Times
The election on Nov. 5 is a critical event for Surry County.
Sheriff Carlos Turner and Commonwealth’s Attorney Derek Davis are a great team and have done a wonderful job. Let’s reelect them and let them continue to excel. Jonathan Judkins and Nikki Ruffin are well-qualified and also deserving of election.
The Board of Supervisors is the nexus of most of Surry’s problems, and must be extensively renovated. Board Chairman Michael Drewry has worked tirelessly to promote accountability, fiscal responsibility and transparency, while actively informing and soliciting citizen input. He richly deserves reelection. Several other Board members need to be summarily dismissed.
Votes for Tim Calhoun (Surry) Felicia Bailey (Carsley), Walter Hardy,(Bacons Castle) and Robert Elliot Jr. (Claremont) will put in place a new board who can and should work together with Chairman Drewry to fix what ails Surry government. Economic development, transparency, accountability, proper oversight, and fiscal responsibility are but one election away. Let’s elect this new blood and revitalize the Surry Board. 
David Lloyd
Surry District

McCarty aids businesses

Editor, Smithfield Times
As a business owner and resident of Isle of Wight County, I know firsthand the benefits that came as a result of the 25 percent reduction of the storm water fee and the change in the sign ordinance that has allowed our small businesses to advertise our goods and services in a better fashion. Mr. McCarty initiated the plan for both of these that I have mentioned, and we are grateful. He understands the intricate needs of small businesses and is the man that our County needs to stay in office for another four-year term. He is always approachable, listens and works in true partnership with people no matter what their background is. It is truly vital that those elected know how important the small business is within the community.
Our County has come a long way in these last four years, join me and help keep Mr. McCarty in office.  
James Plessinger

Rotruck supporter

Editor, Smithfield Times
Larry Rotruck is the right person for the School Board. With years of serving his country as a Marine and then within the school district, he demonstrated his commitment to strengthening our community in every action he undertakes. As a swim coach, I was honored to serve alongside him in the Smithfield High School Athletic Department. Larry‘s performance as Athletic Director resulted in unparalleled support to all sports and saw the swim team triple in size. Under Rotruck’s leadership we saw our first swimmers with NCAA Division I scholarships and had swimmers State ranked. Rotruck showed equal commitment to each of the High School sports and served all coaches with tireless enthusiasm. He handled coach-parent-player concerns enabling everyone to work through a wide range of concerns, always seeking the best resolution for each party.
The end result of Rotruck being on the board is he will enable our county to produce well rounded individuals. Rotruck knows the importance of supporting teachers and coaches to ensure a safe and secure educational and athletic environment. He has the well-rounded experiences of teacher, coach and administrator. Larry Rotruck is the only person up for election who simultaneously performed in these capacities. Vote Larry Rotruck for School Board.
Ken Hirlinger

Voting for her father

Editor, Smithfield Times
I have been in school since the age of 5. That’s 15 years of education. Meaning, 15 years of different teachers. I cannot tell you that I remember every lesson that I was taught in those classrooms. I can’t tell you the date of important battles or even the first algebra equation I ever solved. However, what I can tell you is that one of my greatest teachers has taught me lessons I will forever remember. My Dad has taught me how to love God and to be a faithful Christian. He has taught me to serve others, to listen before speaking, and to love people.
I believe he is the most equipped for the job. I know he has a heart for the people in this county and wants to make a much needed change here. I know that he will prove to be a great leader, asset as he has before. He is a determined man of action and I am proud to be his daughter. I will be voting for my dad William McCarty on Nov. 5.   Elizabeth McCarty

Grice response

Editor, Smithfield Times
In a recent letter to the editor, dated Oct. 16, Mr. Gillerlain stated that Supervisor McCarty & I had “ignored” state code for the review of and certification process to the county’s Comprehensive Plan and the selection of a task force and County Staff to aid the planning commission. If any law or code of the Commonwealth of Virginia be ignored, then it is therefore violated, which we have never done, nor would we.
Unfortunately, Mr. Gillerlain’s incorrect interpretation of the State’s clear codes and his statement has misinformed the public to advance his political aspirations. I recommend that our citizens read the VA Code to see this truth: Specifically §15.2-2200. The county’s Planning & Zoning staff has historically been tasked to provide administrative support to the Planning Commission & Board of Supervisors, thus keeping the county’s administrative costs at a minimum. This is what the County’s Planning Commission has been tasked to do.  There is nothing improper. That as part of that process the Planning Commission is aided by a task force or planning staff. The code allows the governing body of any locality to appoint advisory boards, committees and commissions as it deems necessary to advise the governing body with regard to any matter of concern to the locality, particularly when it’s deemed to be more inclusive & transparent process.
Finally, it is clear that the Planning Commission recommends, and the Board of Supervisors approves the comp plan. This all happens after proper public hearings are held on both commission and supervisor levels. This is on top of the multiplied hundreds of citizens that have already weighed in and engaged the process. 
I invite our citizens to read the code. The Virginia Code in this matter is Title 15.2, Chapter 22. 
Dick Grice

McCarty for McCarty

Editor, Smithfield Times
My experience as a local pastor in our community makes me unique as I have been listening to my community for over 20 years. From hearing about physical, emotional or spiritual needs, I have learned above all to listen. Being a listening and teachable leader is vital asset today. When facing difficult decisions in our county, I have relied on these two traits as I hope you all have seen.
We have maintained the 85-cent residential tax rate, we reduced the storm water fee by 25 percent thus putting money back into our tax payers and businesses pockets, changed our sign ordinance allowing small business to share their goods and services, we positioned ourselves for a greater broadband presence, we cut red tape for citizens and business alike, we have solidified our financial and fiscal position by increasing our “rainy day” fund, thus obtaining the County the highest bond ratings we have ever seen, created a senior companion program, found $40,000-plus in funds given to our animal shelter by citizens that had never been questioned before.
Listening while leading is a delicate process and it is one that is developed over time. We must continue to develop our workforce with continued partnership with our schools, keep taxes low, use technology to bring the Citizen’s Portal to life in Isle of Wight, a new innovative idea that we shared at the candidate’s forum and more.
I desire to stay your youngest board member for the Newport District.
William M. McCarty Sr.

Rotruck for Rotruck

Editor, Smithfield Times
If elected, I will value our staff and their expertise and reward them with equitable pay and raises for their work and provide them with a working environment where they will not feel intimidated, threatened, or unappreciated. My priorities will be increasing the safety of our students and staff by having School Resource Officers in all schools because elementary school lives are just as valuable. 
I will collaborate with my fellow Board members to take actions based on policies and the law in order that decisions are made with integrity, transparency, accountability, trustworthiness, equity, and not just rubber stamp them. I will increase staff diversity to match our student population, be a better steward of taxpayer money by approving only needs not wants, work to establish a positive working relationship with all division stakeholders such as the Board of Supervisors. I will work to keep Carrollton students in their home school instead of having them bused to Hardy. I will establish an associate’s degree program for students to earn college. 
I ask for your vote on Nov. 5. I am the change our teachers, staff, students, school division, and community need.
Lawrence J. Rotruck

Mrs. Rotruck For Rotruck

Editor, Smithfield Times
The Newport School Board representative needs to be a servant for the people. My husband is a lifetime server of people, from serving in the military, teaching, coaching and an active member of the VFW. He believes the best way to serve people is to go out, meet, talk and listen to people. He was the only one to set up a table for four days at the Isle of Wight County Fair this year. He has visited all nine schools, talked with staff members because he concerns that facilities and educational programs are not equitable in the division and wants all the issues rectified. He has even donated the Bill of Rights and In God We Trust posters for all nine schools so they could be displayed prominently to be in compliance with IOW policy and law, since they were not during his visits. 
As his wife of 21 years, and a father of five children, three of which graduated from Smithfield High School and one currently at Smithfield Middle, he is very knowledgeable of the educational system of it’s positives and areas that need improvement.
Vote for my husband, Lawrence Rotruck on Nov. 5.
Ronda Rotruck

Edwards for Edwards

Editor, Smithfield Times
The board of supervisors should have a thorough discussion from citizen before making up their minds to move forward on major building projects such as building new schools.
In reflecting the budget, the board of supervisors should consider the essential needs and work down the list to the nice to have items
The boards will be more proactive in their approach to building school. It is my belief that a broader range of research of schools already built and a wider range of contractor could save dollars. We can use designs from established schools to accommodate our needs.
To help with transportation and time of travel on buses, a more centralize location of new schools could make the shift in students’ seats more readily accessible between the North and South cities of Isle of Wight County
The board of supervisors was presented with 7.9-million-dollar bill for the implementation of the CTE program from which they had no prior knowledge.
Education is not a priority when compared to the state average debt commitment of $3,292. In Isle of Wight County, the education debt is $1,803.
I am the best choice for the Board of Supervisors’ Smithfield District because I have been licensed to be Superintendent of Schools, Vocational Director, Director, and or Coordinator for all the counties/cities school systems in Virginia and North Carolina. My currently license for superintendent in Virginia is still active. I can help us build the schools needed and enhance the perception of the board by listening to the citizens.
Timmie M. Edwards