Letters to The Editor 03-25-20

Published 8:26 pm Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Build a bridge


Editor, Smithfield Times

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The world has turned upside down in this madness, but we can change that.  You see on the news  toilet paper hoarding and no milk to be found, but let’s all stop for a second.  Take a stroll over to your neighbor, whether you know them or not, knock on their door, see if they are short on something you might have extra of.  If you see an elderly person at the store looking for something, ask them what they are looking for, if you have extra, see if you can give some to them.  If you are a person who orders product online and you are able to get it, let your friends know and help them out.  Times are going to get harder on all of us.  Normal day activities are going to change.  We are strong and we will come out better people if we just “Build That Bridge” to help each other out.

Tim Stephenson



Minimize the damage


Editor, Smithfield Times:

I think that almost all of you would agree that we live in a fantastic community here in Smithfield.  What we are going through with the COVID-19 Crisis is unprecedented.  The restrictive measures imposed by our leaders to control the spread of the virus make it extremely difficult financially for many individuals, businesses, and organizations. 

Many individuals who must interact with others to earn their pay have been forced to stay home.  Restaurant workers, maids who clean our homes, and many small business workers are among the most vulnerable.  Don’t forget that they have mortgages or rental payments, must buy food and pay all the other expenses that we all are faced with.  If the restrictions remain for an extended period, many small businesses could be forced into bankruptcy.

So what are we to do to minimize the damage to our cherished community?  If your operating income has not been impacted, reach out to support those less fortunate.  Pay the person who cleans your home just as you usually would.  Buy carryout from restaurants that are working hard to support their employees and save their businesses.  Don’t forget your church and the charitable organizations.  The Christian Outreach Program, for example, is continuing to operate to help the needy in the community.  You can help with additional food donations or financial support.

We need our community leaders to tell us what needs to be done to preserve what so many have worked hard to build.  God willing, this crisis will soon pass and we can return to our blessed, normal lives.  I urge each of you not just to retreat to the safety of your home, but to think about the needs of others and to reach out to help those in need.

Wayne Willis