Abandoned by Democratic Party

Published 4:42 pm Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

I have really had it and I now do not care who knows it. I find this year’s extreme and depraved change in my once-favored party and its media supporters/sponsors to be beyond disgusting, and frankly I fear what is ahead of us in the United States.

I can no longer remain silent due to so-called political correctness. My ire is with Democratic politicians, not necessarily with Democratic voters, though I do not understand their allegiance to the party.

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If the cancer of cities that have been run for long periods by increasingly socialist Democrats continues to spread, we are all in for a horrid future. Your children and my nieces and nephews face the tyranny and crime of these cities right where they live.

Let us look at one example that is fresh in the news. Do you know who Officer Derek Chauvin is? Knee on a man’s throat remind you? A police officer killing a man? He was a racist cop, a registered Democrat, working for a Democratic police chief, voted in by Democratic voters in a Democratic controlled city, in a Democratic-controlled state. He has been protected by a Democratic-controlled union for years. Make you wonder? Read on.

Chauvin has a history of 18 complaints over the years, according to media reports. With all of this Democrat influence in his life, why do so many people blame conservatives, even the president? He never ran that town, nor the others like it.

Speaking of other cities long managed by Democrats, I challenge all readers to do your own examination of what has happened in New York, Atlanta, Detroit, etc. Search “failing cities run by —” and see what you find.

Now let us look at one I grew up right next door to in South Bend, Indiana. Chicago is 90 miles from the house I was raised in. My family played/partied there often. As a teen I skipped school with friends to go there, trying to get there in as close to one hour as we could. (No toll booth timers back then.)

Mayor Daley, a Democrat, was considered a crooked politician in many ways and for many reasons, but life was much better there than now. For many, many years Chicago was fun, relatively clean and safer than today by far. The shootings and murders of one year were less than a few weekends there now. Democrat politicians in that town became increasingly socialist.

My once beloved Democratic Party left me and I am now afraid of the politicians in the Democratic Party. It is now time to change the party, but the only way to do so is to vote them out for a while. Come on, folks, in your heart you know the party stinks today.

R. Dorien B de Lusignan