In defense of America

Published 4:06 pm Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

In response to the letter to the editor from the gentleman who doesn’t want to stand for the national anthem (“Grievance list with America,” Nov. 4): In this free nation, you have that right, along with the right to freely express your justification for not doing so. In turn, I proudly stand for the national anthem.

Here’s my reasoning:

  1. I was fortunate enough to serve my country in one of those, as you call it, BS wars. I enlisted, wasn’t drafted and served with other veterans to protect your right of not standing.
  2. I have the right, win or lose, to vote for the political leadership I wish to have govern us.
  3. I’m able to get a concealed weapons carry license because I don’t have a criminal record.
  4. I believe those with substance abuse should not be permitted to endanger others, break the law or cost the taxpayer additional monies to provide emergency services due to their substance abuse practices.
  5. I’m grateful that I can join organizations that will accept my application, but I understand that they should have the right to reject my application based upon that organization’s bylaws and policies. If rejected, I do not wish to associate with any organization that I have to force myself upon.
  6. Likewise, I thank God that I have the right to worship Him in the church and with the congregation of my choice; that I can freely disagree with the Supreme Court that marriage is between a man and a woman; and have the right to say that I believe abortion is wrong. Legal, but in my opinion, wrong!
  7. I am blessed to own a home in Smithfield, Isle of Wight, Virginia. But as the saying goes, there are but two certainties in life: taxes and death. I will make an ongoing effort to assure that my tax dollars are spent wisely. I will also do my best to remain healthy, productive and pursue happiness until death comes.
  8. Are there parts of our country’s history that are dark? Surely, but we need to learn from those happenings so they are not repeated. Learn as a student of the past. Live in the present not as a victim but a contributor. Work for a better future that you help make possible.
  9. As long as I’m able, I will stand with pride for the national anthem and salute the flag. They are symbols of this great nation!

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Dick Grice