Mail service is a mess

Published 6:27 pm Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

It took from Dec. 23 until Feb. 10 for my January PBS Television schedule to arrive. I already verified the accuracy of when it was posted to us. Other mail has taken even longer.

One of our carriers related several weeks ago, “I have been told that I cannot deliver mail right now. I am only allowed to pick up outgoing mail.”

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This has gotten me thinking that those accusations about missing and mishandled ballots may be correct. It should not take the 49 days that it took for this guide to arrive. Some mail seems to have not arrived at all.

I called my post office six times to get help. The phone rang 26-28 times and switched to a fax noise each time. I was able to obtain an alternate number. It rang 33 times before someone picked it up and hung up on me.

Does this seem like efficient and capable service? Please do not use the convenient scapegoat of “COVID made us do it” or I will just laugh and know that I am being put off, especially with all those pre-November assurances.


R. Dorien de Lusignan