Healthy Eats: 6 Edible Plants You Can Easily Grow Indoors 

Published 8:01 am Friday, March 12, 2021

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Nowadays, people are more health conscious as they are starting to learn that there is healthier food and bad food. A healthy lifestyle needs to be encouraged to improve a person’s overall wellbeing. One way to incorporate a nourishing lifestyle is through planting your own crops at home. 

If you grow your own plants at home, the ingredients will surely be fresh with no random ingredients as compared to store bought goods, even vegetables are infused with unhealthy chemicals nowadays. 

A farm to table meal will make sure that your food is nutrient dense. Also, growing your own plant will make you spend less on food. Lastly, you will create a new hobby. To start your own garden for your food, here are the recommendations for the best plants to grow at home for your health. 


Rosemary is one of the secret ingredients that makes your food delicious and fragrant. Just a sprinkle of this will turn your bland recipe upside down into a masterpiece. Boring chicken recipe? Add some rosemary and it will create an illusion that you are an expert cook.

Aside from giving taste to your food, it has many other uses that contribute to your health. This can be used as a tea or as an essential oil which can both alleviate your stress, something that most people go through everyday. Lastly, it can also be used as a perfume. It is a staple garden herb and a must have if you want plants that can contribute to your overall health. 


Tomatoes can be grown in your own home garden. It is an easy vegetable to take care of and you can also choose if you want a bigger or smaller container for its growth, whatever your preference.

You can get many nutrients from tomatoes because they can help you from cancer, blood pressure, and muscle strength. It is also a smart idea to get this as it is a versatile vegetable. It can be used in pizzas, pastas, soups, and sandwiches, salads, and many more. It can be eaten raw, cooked, and it can also be as a sauce.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a practical plant to get at home, not only it looks nice as a decoration, it has its many uses. One, you can take care of your hair and skin health! You can produce this popular ingredient right that moisturizes your skin and nourishes your hair in your own home. Plus, you know that the one you produced is an all natural aloe vera with no harmful chemicals added. 

Besides taking care of your beauty needs, there are other advantages in growing this plant. It looks aesthetically nice that it can be placed anywhere in your room. It is super easy to take care of, you do not need frequent watering but it needs the sun. Another advantage is when it comes to plants, it is one of the best air purifiers. 


Quinoa is one of those trendy carb alternatives especially to rice as it has more nutrients and low in calories. Most people rave to be healthier and fitter so they hope to get hands on this food but unfortunately, it is expensive. Compared to rice, quinoa has larger amounts of protein, fiber, and vitamins.

Fortunately, Quinoa can be planted from your own home. It is super to grow this plant. It can be placed in different pots or containers. Even if you are a beginner with gardening, this plant can easily survive.


Nowadays, we are obsessed with basils. We put it in many different recipes such as salads and pesto pastas. It is also considered as a pizza topping, it goes well with that. Also, it is also a condiment that will level up your recipe if it is mediocre. It also has an added benefit which can also help you with relaxation as it can also be used as a tea. However, it is well known for spicing up food. 

Salad Leaves

You should have a salad in your everyday meals to get enough nutrients everyday. There are many possible salad leaves like  spinach and lettuce. Those vegetables will have their nutrients most concentrated for 3 days, maybe you need to grow them to make sure you eat them fresh. You only need a small corner with a container that has small holes to grow these leaves. It is a low maintenance plant too, you do not need a lot of care for it to thrive. 


There are many steps you can do once you decide to take care of your health. One of them is growing healthy plants inside your home even without a lot of space.  It is a good idea when we make healthy food accessible to us. It will make it convenient for us to eat nutrient dense ingredients.