Babies die as murderers live

Published 5:28 pm Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

Under the current “values” of the Democratic Party, those who abort babies are celebrated, while those who murder your family member deserve to be able to vote and decide elected leaders.

I think back to a case in Milwaukee where two police officers are called to an apartment, only to discover a severed human head in the refrigerator and a skeleton under the bed. Under Gov. Ralph Northam, a guy like Jeffrey Dahmer would get to live a long life.

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Kermit Gosnell is a guy from Philadelphia whose practice was raided in 2010. At his medical office, patients were covered with bloody blankets in the waiting room, while equipment was never sterilized, the same tubes used for abortion were also used for patient’s oxygen, and aborted babies’ legs and arms were found stored in milk jugs, juice containers and cat food containers in various places. Gosnell delivered three babies alive, then used a pair of scissors to cut their spinal cords. Remains of 45 fetuses were found in the office, and Gosnell had been sued 46 times besides the murder and manslaughter charges that now have him in prison. A guy like this would live a long life under Gov. Northam too.

Politics is rigging the game of life, and you and I won’t benefit from it one bit, though all wrong people surely will.

While some wait for years to legally come to America, many illegally crossing our border are being housed in a hotel room worth $395 a night. Hardened criminals get to have their right to vote again and now, with no death penalty, enjoy a long life while your murdered loved one is in a cemetery.

It’s truly a despicable set of characters now running our nation, obsessed with taking more power and control away from us while jacking up our taxes and taking our freedoms.  Apparently we now have to act like good little children or else Granddaddy Biden won’t let us enjoy the Fourth of July with our family either.

When do we start telling these buffoons that this is a nation run by “We the People,” and that we are not “subjects” or “peasants”?

David R. Lyons