Make Rt. 620 a top priority

Published 6:26 pm Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

We’re writing this letter in response to the article “IW looks to revive Route 620 project” in the June 23 issue. Our first response is it’s about time!

This project should have been done long before now when the first part was completed. Due to the delay, the project now will cost a lot more money, as the article stated.

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Our second response is that the $2 million that was used to fund a bicycle and pedestrian trail from Carrollton to Smithfield should not have been allocated for that project. This road has always needed to be widened. Shortcuts should not be taken like a 10-foot-wide traffic lane compared to a 12-foot-wide traffic lane, and 3-foot shoulders instead of 6-foot ones. Tractor-trailers and farming equipment have difficulty now passing each other. Money should not compromise safety at any given time.

Our third response is to Jamie Oliver, Isle of Wight’s director of transportation, who stated, “The road doesn’t carry a high traffic volume nor a significant amount of regional traffic.” I suggest that she sit for an hour somewhere on 620 to observe just how many vehicles do travel this road as a timesaver from Smithfield to Ivor. That includes many tractor-trailers, too.

Isle of Wight County needs to stop wasting money on unnecessary projects and use the money for projects that are more beneficial and safer to the citizens.


Peter Frank Crocker Jr.

James Edward Crocker