Stain on  America

Published 5:36 pm Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

Promises …

Our friend in Louisiana humbly submits: “We will survive and rebuild. Worry more about those elsewhere who will not.”

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Once our flag is raised having honored our most recent fallen in Afghanistan, let’s lower her again and bow to the new stain that adorns her. Candidate Biden campaigned on American withdrawal from Afghanistan. Promises made, promises kept.

In my mind, I’m standing on that Afghanistan tarmac, staring through the eyes of the Americans and our Afghan collaborators left behind. I’m watching that last pair of American military boots lifting off and away. As the sound of the executioner’s boots amplify behind me, my eyes do not read “United States of America” on the side of that aircraft. I read, “Promises made, promises denied.”

President Biden, I can only imagine the burden upon your shoulders and soul for the administration of death sentences in the name of political expediency. As a Christian, I endure to absolve anger and disdain for your unforgivable decisions in lieu of prayer that God will have mercy on your soul.


Mark R. D’Etcheverry