Isle of Wight County land transfers for October

Published 4:59 pm Tuesday, November 9, 2021

The following land transfers were recorded in Isle of Wight County Circuit Court for the month of October:

Ida Holloman to Russell Finney; 14191 Carver Drive, Carrollton; $85,000

Rebecca Stensberg to Steven V. Wolfe; 15247 W. Ashby Way, Carrollton; $393,500

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Eagle Construction of Virginia to Gregory A. Church; 409 St. Andrews, Smithfield; $487,132

Charles E. Chappell to Bryan Koury; 22289 Barrett Town Road, Zuni; $235,000

Anna M. Reid to Craig Speed; 14460 Bayview Drive, Carrollton; $415,000

NVR Inc. to Marc Beaudreau; 149 Spring Grove Way, Smithfield; $314,935

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lot 251 ph 8 Benns Grant; $99,380

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lot 359 and 360 ph10A2 Benns Grant; $128,400

William A. Crosby to Candice Entwisle; 25278 Kelsie St., Windsor; $350,000

CCS Virginia LLC to Stephen F. Bailey; 24134 Deer Path Trail, Windsor; $365,000

Melinda S. Poe to Benjamin J. Ilapit; 321 Grace St., Smithfield; $347,500

Kenneth Duane Rhohdes to Johnny L. Cook; 7329 Rhodes Drive, Windsor; $45,000

S. Earl Griffin to Michael A. Spaulding; 4.183 acres par 1 Vellines Lane; $114,900

Walter J. Ewell, trustee, to Teresa J. Coon; 210 James Landing Circle, Smithfield; $650,000

Dolores R. Knight to 12379 Comet Road LLC; 74 acres Judge Schofield Farm; $300,000

James Grant Wilson Jr. to Adam James Turner; .819 acres Woodard 1.14 acres; $262,500

Haywood Newby Jr. to Larry Newby; 240972 Sugar Hill Road, Carrollton; $22,000

Jennifer H. Hogan to Aaron Spears; 112 Moone Drive, Smithfield; $380,000

Jacob C. Sheddan to St. John McCaughey; 902 Cypress Creek, Smithfield; $625,000

Sharon A. Singleton to Joshua Shelton; 1145 Windsor Way, Windsor; $325,000

NVR Inc. to Christopher Scott Pulliam; 145 Spring Grove Way, Smithfield; $300,890

17226 Commerce Lane LLC to Waltz Properties LLC; par 8 Isle of Wight Industrial Park; $556,500

Cassidy Leigh Doirono to Dawn M. Hanks; 909 Rivers Arch, Carrollton; $220,000

Lindsay D. Hooks to Bryan L. Milton; 2407 N. Shore Drive, Smithfield; $32,000

Ricky B. Wamble to Marie Cayla Lemon; 124 Lenora Cove, Smithfield; $360,000

Joe Griffith Cruz to Joe Edward Gonzalez; 402 Muirfield, Smithfield; $455,664

David V. Leonard Sr. to Antonio Spivey; 23151 Harbor Towne Drive, Carrollton; $423,000

Mary L. Chapman to Verita C. Braswell; 12281 Smiths Neck Road, Carrollton; $235,000

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lot 248 ph 8 Benns Grant; $99,380

Phyllis F. Carroll to Seean Patrick Dolan; 52 Church St., Windsor; $234,000

John A. Lamb to Russellette Christine Savi; 704 Bristol St., Smithfield; $105,000

Allan L. Willey, trustee, to Danny W. Thornton Jr.; tr 2 Benns Church; $212,500

Olivis Dee Wells to H&E Farms LLC; 11555 Blue Ridge Trail, Windsor; $600,000

Eagle Construction of Virginia to Kenneth E. Walker; 205 Royal Birkdale, Smithfield; $602,106

Charles J. Okleshen to Troy Dangelp; 1092 Old Oak Lane, Carrsville; $286,100

NVR Inc. to Raymona Latee Walls; 141 Spring Grove Way, Smithfield; $272,280

James M. Lea Jr. to Daniel Nathan Hardy; 14320 Burwells Bay Road, Smithfield; $245,000

Thomas M. White Jr. to Tele Homes LLC; lots 5 and 6 blk D W.H. Sykes Prop; $30,000

Angela Jefferson to Daniel K. Meadows; parcel 34 Sugar Hill Road, Carrollton; $55,000

Edward E. Olson to Kenneth Ledet; 22313 Tradewinds Drive, Carrollton; $425,000

Alexis D. Rogers to Amy Marie Hancock; 405 Lakeview Cove, Smithfield; $227,000

NVR Inc. to Isaac Edward Cameron III; 137 Spring Grove Way, Smithfield; $314,815

Coastal City Church to Sierra Nichole Palmer; 27802 Walters Highway, Carrsville; $165,000

William L. Brown to Jonathan Eric Thornton; 15492 Carroll Bridge Road, Smithfield; $614,000

Jonathan D. Fallon to Jason M. Kiersch; 17607 Beale Place Drive, Windsor; $175,000

Christopher Parkison to Samantha Alger; 13419 High Gate Mews, Carrollton; $265,000

Travis A. Harris to Sherrell Monet Ashburn; lot 127 tr 2 ph 4 Eagle Harbor; $430,000

Curtis Diggs to Larry D. Diggs; 9378 Jenkins Lane, Smithfield; $20,000

Jessica Lynn Grant to Christopher John Horsley; 212 Oakwood Lane, Smithfield; $350,000

Cody H. Griffey to Shareca L. Akines; 362 Spring Hill Place, Smithfield; $275,000

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lot 247 ph 8 Benns Grant; $99,380

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVr Inc. lot 459, 460, 461, 462 ph 10B1 Benns Grant; $220,800

Steven H. Luyk to Jonathan Ewing; 802 Smithfield Blvd., Smithfield; $399,000

Kathleen L. Lydon, trustee, to Lori Cox Willis; 13215 Compass Way, Carrollton; $417,000

Frederick Keith Baird to Katherine M. Mageland; 15516 Gayle Way, Carrollton; $250,000

Jamilia Shipman to Jarrod Clark; 161 Williamson Park, Smithfield; $294,000

Ricky A. Butler to Edward Partamian; 23.208 acres Goss Prop; $421,000

Dennis M. Ryan to Randall Scott Witz; lot 6 ph 2 Gatling Pointe South; $540,000

John Northon to Darrell Edwin Townsend; 22268 Charthouse Lane, Carrollton; $403,000

John B. Gage Jr. to Christopher Correira; 12010 Southport Landing, Smithfield; $475,000

Leonard Johnson to Lloyd Whittacre; 100 Wellington Circle, Smithfield; $450,000

Kenry A. Peart to Melissa B. Pelletier; 22240 Tradewinds Drive, Carrollton; $405,000

Paul F. Roderick to 5 BS Land LLC; PO Box 491, Windsor; $110,000

Cargin LLC to Andrew Harper, trustee; 401 Pagan Ridge, Smithfield; $1,675,000

Judith C. Wells to Billy Gray Dickerson Jr.; parcel state highway 665; $3,100

Judith C. Wells to Stephen L. Foster; lots 1 and 2 blk F Riverview; $2,000

Judith C. Wells to Stephen L. Foster; parcel Clay Street near Riverview; $1,500

Perry McMillion Custom Homes to Shandra E. Johnson; 14160 Carver Drive, Carrollton; $332,100

Daniel A. Price to Richard Goodman; 23217 Oyster Court, Carrollton; $849,500

Landbar LLC to Richard W. Cunningham; 21068 Orbit Road, Windsor; $80,000

Cheryle Whitmore to Jennifer Merritt; 17009 Florida Ave., Windsor; $230,000

Adam J. Havens to Gabriel M. Pimentel; 22299 Charthouse Lane, Carrollton; $335,000

NVR Inc. to Tara S. Askew; 229 Riley Way, Smithfield; $313,380

Justin L. Osborne to Kevin M. Scholl; 213 Summerhouse Lane, Carrollton; $565,000

NVR Inc. to Ciarra Dianne Madison; 140 Spring Grove Way, Smithfield; $263,860

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lot 227 ph 8 Benns Grant; $128,400

Annie B. Thompson to Roland Hatten; 13315 Courthouse Highway, Smithfield; $380,000

Roosevelt Askew III to Justin L. Osborne; 705 Marsh Elder Trail Unit 705, Carrollton; $220,000

Mary Credle to Samuel F. Edwards; 169 Talbot Drive, Smithfield; $450,000

Timothy D. Huening to Kayla Duvall; 13378 Windsong Way, Carrollton; $450,000

Steven Douglas Wilson to Angel Mayberry-Hilton; 22228 Tradewinds Carrollton; $350,000

NVR Inc. to Monika D. Thigpen; 225 Riley Way, Smithfield; $296,735

Timothy A. Radtke to Nathaniel Lloyd Davis; 7246 Yellow Hammer Road, Zuni; $278,500

Ray E. Putman, trustee, to Gilbert Portalatin; 115 Barclay Crescent, Smithfield; $397,500

Christopher Miller, trustee, to Bontae S. Murphy; pt lot 24, 25, 26, 27 Jamestown Annex; $180,000

Terry Mitchell to Andrew C. Bradshaw; parcel Route 58; $45,000

Thomas B. Hefty to Helen Najera; 10411 Walnut Ridge, Smithfield; $468,000

Sybil M. Jolly to St. Luke’s Memorial Park Cemetery; pt lot 27 sec C; $1,200

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lot 246 ph 8 Benns Grant; $99,940

Melissa Vick to Janet S. Davis; 512 Ginger Loop, Smithfield; $272,500

Elizabeth S. Dubinsky to Stanley J. Zugay Jr.; 305 Red Point Drive, Smithfield; $350,000

Amy L. Taylor to Beth Renee Emehizer; 9025 Mill Swamp Road, Smithfield; $314,900

NVR Inc. to Lamar Dashawd Vines; 144 Spring Grove Way, Smithfield; $302,415

Eagle Construction of Virginia to James R. Shores; 141 St. Anne’s, Smithfield; $418,854

Eagle Construction of Virginia to James W. Whiting; 104 Royal Birkdale, Smithfield; $602,041

Jennifer L. Player to Katherine M. Gutierrez; 15439 Holly Drive, Smithfield; $334,900

Inga M. Miller to Heather D. Creech; 24434 Pine Tree Lane, Carrollton; $475,000

Kari Jo Gerstner to Bryce C. Carpenter; 10760 Smiths Neck Road, Carrollton; $200,000

Beverly W. Rabil to Robert E. Powell Jr.; 25343 River Run Trail, Zuni; $225,000

Carlesi Construction to Matthew K. Rapp; 103 Carters Creek Lane, Carrollton; $631,519

Carrollton Village LLC to Carrollton Ventures LLC; 8.0288 acres Carrollton Boulevard; $400,000

NVR Inc. to Nikosha Quinerly to 136 Spring Grove Way, Smithfield; $331,105

Lawton Baker, trustee, to David W. Stowell; 206 Cannon Drive, Carrollton; $325,000

David R. Mitchell, trustee, to Julie Fabsik-Swarts; 17552 Morgarts Beach, Smithfield; $595,000

Sara S. Barnes to Jamie M. Vierrether; 906 Rivers Arch, Carrollton; $196,000

NVr Inc. to Ahmed I. Abdullah; 338 Oak Hill Lane, Smithfield; $582,341

Eagle Construction of Virginia to Brian M. Farrar; 1103 Cypress Creek, Smithfield; $658,272

Pierre Lamont Austin to Dea Lyeese Spicer Osborne; 1104 Lakeview Cove, Smithfield; $239,000