He responds to Thornton

Published 4:49 pm Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

I feel I must respond to the recent article you published (“Thornton refutes ‘lying’ accusations,” Nov. 17).

First I would like to make it crystal clear that although I am president of the Southern and Central Isle of Wight Citizens Group, I have never made a statement representing the group unless it was approved by a vote. The comments attributed to me by Thornton and the newspaper were by me in a personal capacity and not as a representative of any organization.

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I have never said that Thornton lied about getting death threats. With such a serious accusation that many attributed to those who oppose social engineering in the schools and the fact that my inquiries indicated that no death threats were made, I felt that proof of something this serious should be displayed.

What was displayed were not death threats as defined by law enforcement. I also see nothing that was written that can be classified as a death threat. This entire episode should have been handled by Thornton as described in your “Our Forum” section of last week’s paper (“Emails shameful; aftermath bungled”).

Although there were no death threats, no one can control how someone perceives something. If someone wanted to go to all the trouble this cowardly individual did to conceal their identity and wanted to issue a death threat, they would just plainly say, “I will kill you.” Not some coded message.

I do agree that anyone who would do this is outside of any intelligent discussion and is cowardly. If you want to say something, I was always taught to be a man and just say it, and I always do. Not huddle behind some electronic bush like a scared puppy.

I do take issue with Thornton making untrue accusations about me during the last School Board meeting in a public forum I did not attend, so was unable to respond. If someone has something to discuss with me, I would appreciate it being done in a fair and open forum where both parties have an equal opportunity to respond.

I am perfectly able to defend myself and what I say. Is he? I think not.


Volpe Boykin