Didn’t ‘threaten’ legal action

Published 4:42 pm Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

I am compelled to write and clarify statements and an email published that were attributed to me (“Attorneys: Interim School Board members were legally appointed,” Dec. 22).

I encourage people to look at the last 10 minutes of the Dec. 9 Isle of Wight County School Board meeting and look up Virginia Code 22.1-29.1 and judge for themselves. I did not “threaten” the School Board with legal action.

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I advised the board members that citizens had been asking over and over for an explanation as to why they were not following Virginia Code 22.1-29.1 and they were not giving one. I told them that they could explain to the citizens why the code was not being followed or I would take legal action to force them to explain.

After I made that statement, board member Renee Dial asked the School Board attorney to explain, and he did. I have since had his explanation confirmed by an independent attorney. He states that the School Board attorney found a legal, but to me unethical, loophole that allows interim appointments of School Board members to elected positions without any input by the citizens they will represent.

I feel the new director of the Virginia Department of Education and our new School Board should be afforded every opportunity to get the schools back on the right track. Time will tell. The mess the Marxists in Richmond who were just thrown out of office made will take some time to correct.

The email I sent regarding a majority African American School Board was also not put in the proper perspective. My email stated that “the N.A.A.C.P and other organizations continually state that the racial makeup of the government should mirror the citizens they represent and I agree with them. Please explain to me how two African American women and two African American men and one Caucasian man represent the racial makeup of a county that is 80% non African American”.

I just repeated what many minority organizations constantly profess. I guess it is only OK to say if it is said by them. I personally have no problem with the racial makeup of the School Board or any other board. Last time I checked, intelligence is not determined by someone’s race.


Volpe Boykin