Dems’ costly  ‘accomplishments’

Published 6:55 pm Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

I did not know The Smithfield Times had a comics section until I read the letter in the last edition praising all the accomplishments of Sens. Kaine, Warner and the other Democrats (“Appreciative of Kaine, Warner”).

They would like to blame their recent “accomplishments” on COVID, which we were nicely recovering from, and the Russians, but a look at the numbers show that the downhill slide started on Jan. 20, 2021, when the Democrats took total control and started their management of the country. Their accomplishments so far have been the highest gas prices ever (that happens when you shut down pipelines and drilling), runaway inflation at a 40-year high (that happens when you flood the economy with taxpayer money and pay for votes by paying people to not work), disaster in Afghanistan (that happens when you tell your enemy your timelines and exactly what you plan to do), Russia invaded Ukraine (that happens when your president is shown to be weak and appears to have dementia), an open border with people we have to support flooding across daily along with drugs and terrorists (that happens when people are told you will not enforce immigration law).

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Their long-term accomplishments of Social Security is a pyramid scheme that if you started privately would be illegal and is on the verge of collapse (I would have opted out; I can handle my own savings), Affordable Care Act, which the working middle class cannot afford (Democrats outright lied), student loans that the students now do not want to pay back (middle-class taxpayers will be ripped off again to pay for Democrat votes), Medicare (on the verge of collapse because they allow people that have not paid into it to collect from it). I could go on and on with their “accomplishments” but am praying they do not continue to “accomplish” things before next January because if they do, the country may be such a disaster that no political party can fix what they have “accomplished.”


Volpe Boykin