Letter – Wooster will follow the rules

Published 7:22 pm Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

At a recent debate, Renee Dial and Mark Wooster were asked several questions. One stands out: “Virginia’s Department of Education and State Superintendent publish directives. What’s your position on where this puts the School Board relative to following these directives and IWCS’ superintendent following these directives, too?”

Wooster responded: “When VDOE puts out their directives everything must be followed. The superintendent should be aware of that; they should be on top of it. However, the board ultimately employs the superintendent, so the board can ensure that the superintendent will be aware of these and follow those directives.”

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Dial responded: “Yes, I agree. I have met with Dr. Cramer and he’s fully aware of the VDOE and their directives. He is aware. He is on top of it. Dr. Thornton was as well. So he’s fully aware.” Dial failed to ever hold Dr. Thornton’s “feet to the fire”!

Lastly, Chair Denise Tynes and Dial as board members worked tandemly limiting public comment, have not been transparent and have not stood to be accountable for their and other board members’ actions. District 2 voters, by electing Mark Wooster, will ensure IWCS policies and state directives are complied with by our School Board and superintendent so the division will be Standards of Quality-compliant.

Dial, while aware of policy, instead does not follow them, as documented by IWCS’ SOQ non-compliance and violating IWCS policy, resulting in an $80,000-plus overpayment of our taxpayer dollars to a retiring superintendent.

Please, vote Wooster, “right” for both our students and “us” taxpayers.


Herb De Groft