Honor the sacrifice of those who gave all

Published 6:39 pm Friday, May 26, 2023

By Alice K. Quinn

As we gather together with family and friends this Memorial Day to celebrate the founding of this great country and give thanks to our ancestors who fought so brave and valiantly for the freedom that was given to us, what would our forefathers think of the turmoil in this great country today?  

Do you think they would be proud of us? Would they like what has become of the price they paid for it and for us? I do not think so.  I think they would bow their heads and weep and as they did, and wonder, what has happened and why.

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We, as the caretakers of this great country, have let it fall by the wayside. Our elderly people are afraid to go to the supermarket. Our young people are afraid to be out by themselves, for fear of being attacked and losing their lives. Our towns and cities are being invaded by protestors and rioting, making it impossible to go anywhere.

We cannot fight this battle alone. We must work together to make it a safer country for us, our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. We want our country to be a safe place to raise our families and leave it in a safe and better place for them to carry it forward, making our forefathers proud of what they fought and died for. I would hate to think it was in vain.

When I think of the heavy price and what we have lost in the process, I can only ask myself would they do it all over again if they were asked to. I think so.  People fight and die for our country every day.  For the freedom we cherish and not be afraid an enemy will invade us and take our lives and destroy our way of life.  

Why don’t more of our young people read more books and visit more landmarks and try to understand what they mean to everyone? The more learned we are, the more we understand the causes and what they represent.  So, Instead, of all the vandalism and defacing something that means so much to everyone, learn why they are there and appreciate the sacrifices that were made for them to deserve a place in history.   

Lastly, when we take a walk or go for a ride through a cemetery, whether it be a civilian or military and we see all the graves of our veterans, do you not think they deserve the honor and respect  they so richly earned and fought for?  Do we say, that could be our loved one lying there? It could be our husband, father, son, daughter, wife, sweetheart or mother. Do we say a silent prayer and say, “Thank you for your service”? If we do not, then we should.

Our history is so important for everyone.  It takes us back to the beginning of our great country and all that it means or, should mean to all of us.  I find history so fascinating and interesting and the more I learn the more I want to explore and research to learn more.  The more we know about our great country, the more we can appreciate what it stands for.   

So, when you see Old Glory flying with her brilliant colors of red, white and blue, or hear our National Anthem being played, do not take a knee. Instead, place your right over your heart and be happy and feel safe that you have the privilege, freedom and honor to live in this great country. America. The Home of the Brave and The Land of The Free.  God Bless America.