Letter – Rountree is well-rounded

Published 4:37 pm Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

Renee Rountree exemplifies the characteristics of a strong leader and will make an excellent addition to our county Board of Supervisors. I have known her for many years and am always impressed by her extensive community involvement and willingness to go the extra mile to help others succeed, whether it be in local government, a civic organization, church or with friends and family.

Renee has a well-rounded background and has already made herself familiar with many of the issues she will confront in county government. Her experience on the Smithfield Town Council has taught her how to use her resources to research issues as well as how to compromise and work with others to get things done. She understands the importance of working with constituents, both supporters and critics, and has promised to maintain open lines of communication with all sides.

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Renee is not a single-issue candidate. She supports planned and managed growth in the town and county but she also understands that is just one of many issues she will be dealing with as a supervisor. Her knowledge of the area, community and civic responsibilities and experiences on Town Council give her a head start in county government.

Lastly, it will be refreshing to have a strong, smart, capable woman on the Board of Supervisors! Do you know that since Isle of Wight County was established in 1634, only two women have sat on the county’s government board? Unbelievable!  We need more strong females in our county government and I have confidence Renee will set an example that inspires a new generation of young women leaders.  

I encourage you to vote for Renee Rountree in District 1 (Smithfield) on Nov. 7. She offers the vision and leadership we need to move our county forward.


JoAnn Hall