Letter – Still believe in Rountree

Published 7:03 pm Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

My family and I moved to Virginia from Washington State 10 years ago for my husband’s physician residency training. My husband has served 24 years in the Navy. 

We first settled in North Suffolk then moved here to Smithfield three years ago. My husband recently retired from active-duty Navy. We made the decision to stay here despite all of our family living on the West Coast. 

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My husband accepted a physician opening at a nearby hospital. Smithfield has become our chosen home and we became registered Virginia voters!

We discovered a little slice of heaven here! We fell in love with this waterfront town and lovely residents. Our children thrive. We live in the beautiful Cypress Creek neighborhood with an extremely active neighborhood HOA community with fun events run by Smithfield’s very own Renee Roundtree.

Our family had the pleasure of meeting Renee through neighborhood events. We were immediately lifted in spirit by her warm and generous personality. Over the years, we see Renee at community events, always eager to volunteer, with a smile on her face. 

As Smithfield “newbies” we have a lot to learn about local issues and politics. We want to see Smithfield’s small-town charm preserved, yet welcome new families like ours that desire safeguarding the future of this town, supporting its local small businesses, schools and the arts.

When we saw the headlines this past week with Renee Roundtree’s picture and accusations of stolen signs our immediate reaction was one of disbelief. We thought this cannot be! There must be more to the story. The Renee we adore is one of substance and character. We believe this is a misunderstanding, a distraction for voters.

Renee’s prior dedication to our community and people speaks enough. We continue to support Renee Rountree. Her devotion and passion to serve our community cannot be outdone. We look forward to casting our first votes for her as new Virginia residents!

Please don’t let last week’s headlines distract you. We have faith in Renee. We believe the community’s trust in Renee should be steadfast and supportive based on her record of service and her excellent character. She has a giving heart and a passion to serve our community. We can grow and thrive with leaders and elected officials like Renee. 

Please join me. Vote for Renee Rountree.


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