Letter – Walter Hardy has her vote

Published 4:44 pm Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

Please join me in voting for Walter Hardy for the Surry County Board of Supervisors, Bacon’s Castle District.  

Walter is a native of Surry and has lived here all his life. He understands that a strong education system educates our youth and attracts industry and businesses. He knows that we must continue to improve our roads so that our citizens and visitors can travel safely throughout the county. 

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Walter believes that our citizens deserve the best emergency services, and that our elderly deserve tax relief. He knows that biannual tax collection would help our citizens’ ability to pay their taxes on time. He will promote fiscal responsibility, and he is not afraid to ask tough questions as he ponders decisions. Walter has committed to holding town hall meetings providing for two-way communication between him and his constituents. 

Walter could have moved elsewhere, as many of Surry’s youth have done.  He would have benefited from expanded career opportunities, better access to health care, increased food options and varied recreational opportunities.  

He stayed in his beloved Surry County, built a home and works here. He wants to continue to improve the county he loves. Please join me in voting for Walter Hardy for Bacon’s Castle Board of Supervisors. Vote early or vote on Nov. 7. Your vote is your voice.


Charlome Pierce