Letter – Zealotry cuts both ways

Published 5:16 pm Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

In response to last week’s Short Rows (“Mixing government and religion never ends well”), I would like to offer the other side of political extremism that is every bit as “religious” in its zeal as the portion of Christianity John Edwards attacks.

In 2019, state Del. Kathy Tran attempted to remove language from Virginia law requiring that the danger to the mother be “substantial and irremediable” for third-trimester abortions and testified that abortions could be allowed while a woman was dilating. Gov. Ralph Northam then said infants who survive birth despite abortion attempts or severe deformities would be made “comfortable” and then “a discussion would ensue between the doctor and mother.”  

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Seems the left in Virginia has zealots of its own that Edwards conveniently forgot. The abortionist left strives for its Heaven on Earth, a pro-Eugenics Nirvana like Iceland, where Down’s Syndrome has almost been “eradicated” by aborting babies based on a test with an 85% accuracy. But who cares if three out of every 20 kids you kill would have been “perfectly healthy” and the other 17 would have had an average life expectancy of 60 years.  

The religious-like devotion to this level of barbarity is enough to make Margaret Sanger, the left’s Patroness Saint of Abortion, blush. The justification for overturning Roe wasn’t based on a theocracy’s obscure interpretation of the New Testament; it was based on the Supreme Court refusing to legislate on Congress’ behalf, an accurate understanding of the Constitution.

Edwards also decries the ostracizing of LGBTQ people by religious conservatives. However, he skips over the left’s support for radical Muslim groups, who wouldn’t think twice about “ostracizing” LGBTQ people right off the roof of a tall building. Ask yourself why the left insists on merging gay rights with trans rights at the expense of women and gay identity? It’s because without the cover of gay rights, people see transgender ideology for what it is: a never-ending addition of random colors and shapes to an absurd flag and an ideology that, when taken to its logical conclusion, ends with the mutilation of everything from basic grammar to genitalia.

John, please do us a favor: Keep Short Rows more like PBS and less like MSNBC. Thanks.


Lewis Edmonds