3 Destinations for Your 2024 Holiday Radar

Published 9:30 pm Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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The New Year is coming soon, which means it’s time to start thinking about NEW trips around the world. What is travelling? First of all, it is some other dimension of your psycho-emotional state, it is a strong and clear understanding that you do not live your days in vain and feel absolute freedom. 

In this article, we’ll talk about interesting holiday destination options for 2024. Make the most of each destination, observe the world and solve problems on your own to increase your skills. Useful tip: by the way for problem solving, when travelling people often face organisational problems, for example, transport, to protect yourself from this you can use airport transfer (atobtransfer.com) after arrival and save time and money, but definitely not comfort. 

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Well, now let’s get to the list of countries.

1. Malaysia

Starting our list is this exotic and pleasant country where you should definitely go. In addition to a gorgeous beach holiday, the country offers an unusual atmosphere in the form of ancient millennia-old history, culture and very protected traditions. Here you will be in constant meditation, because when you see, for example, the royal rainforests of Baluma, time will slow down, problems will evaporate and life will improve. 

We can say absolutely the same about the firefly river (Kampung Kuantan), the happy elephant sanctuary (Kuala Gandah), the great surfing, Georgetown with its fabulous atmosphere and much more. Explore! 

2. Malta

Another unusual destination that is worth your attention. Malta is the smallest densely populated country in the world (316 kilometres square). Despite its size, this country has a lot to show to tourists from all over the world, there are many beautiful places both in terms of nature and history. You have probably already heard about historical places like Victoria Town or Ta’Pinu National Temple, but if not, we recommend you to visit them (these are the basic important historical places), they are very interesting. 

But we will focus on the more rare places for a tourist to visit if you come to Malta. Be sure to go diving with ship exploration, it will be a new experience in your life with new emotions. Don’t forget to visit the blue lagoon and Popeye village (it was built especially for the film Popeye). 

Also take your time for Fort Rinella, it is history but very epic. It’s about a cannon that was built between 1878 and 1886, it was built for just one 100 tonne shell. Impressive, isn’t it? This and plenty of other places to explore too! 

3. Qatar

This state seamlessly transports us into oriental fairy tales. Qatar is a very interesting combination of ancient history and modern technology. The first place where we advise you to go is the Qatar National Museum. Firstly, it is a new country with new customs to explore, secondly, this building is really very impressive in its appearance (at least a photo in Instagram should be taken) and thirdly, it is unrealistically hot in Qatar (the museum will literally cool you down).

We highly recommend you to visit Souq Waqif market, you will feel like you are in the cartoon and now you will see Aladdin in the market. You will feel all the oriental flavour and maybe even buy a parrot. Well after the market, you can take part in camel races, in the early 20th century, in Qatar it was a very popular local entertainment, which for the 21st century has become a full-fledged sport. 

And we also advise you to touch the technology of Qatar, to feel the harmony of new and old, take a car and go to Lusail. This is the city of the future, it is being built in eco-format, it has created maximum for people and it is assumed that there will be offices of world companies and a stream of professionals from all over the world.