Letters to the editor – May 17th, 2017

Town will be a bully

Editor, Smithfield Tim´s
This is a no win situation for Smithfield if they keep on bullying Mrs. Crocker. The Council does not want Mrs. Crocker to tear down her buildings. Mrs. Crocker cannot afford to repair her buildings, so her only recourse is to demolish them. The people want the buildings restored. The Council wants the buildings restored but refuses to buy the property and pay for the restoration. Mrs. Crocker has offered to give the buildings to the town but the Council has refused her offer.

For Heaven’s sake, she is in her 80s. She is not going to be able to afford the restoration by getting a job and saving up for it. She is not going to be able to pay whatever amount the town sues her for.

This is a no win situation for both parties but much more for the Town of Smithfield. The Town is going to look like a big bully. It going to be the loser in the end because the buildings will not be restored by Mrs. Crocker. Think about it. The Town of Smithfield will be a big winner if Pierceville is restored. It will be great for tourism and great for the County and the Town.

Linda Reagan

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