Opposes project

Published 6:32 pm Friday, August 7, 2015

Editor, Smithfield Times


My wife and I moved to Smithfield nine years ago. We chose to live in town because we like the small town atmosphere and the many amenities close by. Being near the YMCA, the Post Office and shopping were important to us. We also felt that our financial investment was safe because we bought property in the Historic District.

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The proposed high density Main St. Cary St. subdivision is causing two senior citizens much concern about our future here. The vehicle traffic on Cary Street, Grace Street and Church Street will increase significantly. Speeding on Cary Street has been a chronic problem as long as we have lived here. More traffic will increase the problem. Our home value will be reduced. The litter along the roadside will increase. I now spend time each week picking up cans, sandwich wrappers, paper coffee cups and other trash from the ditches near our home. The gutters along Grace Street will also experience more litter.


We are also concerned about the lack of adequate drainage on Cary Street. Since we have lived in Smithfield, our lot has flooded several times because the water from the development site flowed across the road onto our property. The stormwater drainage system on Cary Street is inadequate. A high-density development will only make the drainage issue worse.


Smithfield is a beautiful old town with a robust tourist industry. Many people from around the world visit the Williamsburg area every year. Numbers of them take side tips to Smithfield to see the old homes, brick sidewalks and period streetlights. They eat in the restaurants, stay in the motels and purchase from the shops. They also pay taxes but require little or no town services.


The historic area is Smithfield’s star. Why would anyone propose to subject the star of Smithfield to more traffic, more litter and all the potential problems associated with this high-density project?


Approval of this project would be shortsighted. The only winners would be the landowners and the developer.


Lin Parrish