About Us

Founded in 1920, The Smithfield Times today remains a vibrant community newspaper. We pride ourselves in being the two counties’ center for critical local information and the public’s forum for discussing issues vital to Isle of Wight and Surry counties, located in Southeast Virginia.

We are traditionalists who believe in the strongest journalistic and advertising ethics, but we are not bound to the past. Today, we offer electronic subscriptions for our more mobile and web-connected readers, as well as traditional paper editions for those who still like the subtly blended aroma of ink on paper and the sense of connection that a newspaper and a cup of coffee brings — though we don’t sell the coffee.

The Smithfield Times staff writes exclusively for our Surry and Isle of Wight readers, and our advertising sales consultants focus on helping businesses that serve those readers, but judges of statewide newspaper competition have deemed our work superior year after year.

Here’s the bottom line. We exist for the benefit of people who live or work in Isle of Wight and Surry counties. They are our customers, our readers and our friends. Whether it is this newly revamped website, or our weekly newspapers, we pledge our best efforts to that continued relationship.