McCarty has her support

Published 8:16 pm Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Editor, Smithfield Times

As a citizen of this county, I agree with Newport Board of Supervisors candidate William M. McCarty when he said, “We are broken at the county government level and things need to be repaired and restored.”

There has been a major disconnect between the Isle of Wight County Board of Supervisors, the Town of Smithfield and the School Board for far too long. I believe that William McCarty will bring forward the leadership needed to repair this breach and at the same time develop unity and transparency through partnership. Mr. McCarty will bring back true community inclusion, which will fix most of the issues that we face as a community.

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One of the Candidates for the Smithfield district, Lawrence Pitt, was quoted recently as saying that annexation for “most” in Gatling Pointe was cheaper than the new water line. Once again the voice of the people is being ignored and this time by someone that has yet to be elected into office.  

The feuding between governing bodies must stop and a new era of fresh and visible leadership must emerge. William M. McCarty will be that person for the Newport District and Isle of Wight County. Leading change is not easy, but he will do it while embracing the voice of the people. I was also glad to hear of his plan to allow the people of his district to be heard with the use of an Internet-based polling and communication system which he is investing in for his district. He is also planning a “listening tour” once a year to connect with the constituents of the community.

We, the citizens of this great county, are the ones suffering the most because we regularly have our concerns set aside and are told what “others” think is best for us. Partnership and transparency can be restored through strong accountable leadership. I believe that the intelligent answer is to elect William M. McCarty to the Board of Supervisors for the Newport District. He will listen to the people of the Newport District and restore their voice where the true disconnect exists.

Maggie Richards