‘What I am cut out to do’

Published 5:20 pm Friday, September 4, 2015

Editor, Smithfield Times

As Commonwealth’s Attorney, I have worked to develop a real partnership with law enforcement. I am proud to be part of Isle of Wight’s Crime fighting team. I am proud that our success in welfare fraud prosecutions was nationally recognized on NBC’s News with Tom Brokaw. It is deeply gratifying to have the support of those who are familiar with the Isle of Wight Court system: Sharon Jones, Clerk of Circuit Court, Sheriff Mark Marshall and the unanimous endorsement of the Isle of Wight Bar Association.

Our office is small, only two other prosecutors. That puts us down in the trenches. I have walked through woods and swamp during murder investigations. I have looked for tissue fragments in tree bark. I have examined stacks of bank records, picked apart telephone records, studied text messages and Facebook threats, pushed myself to focus on picture after picture of two four month old babies, one of whom who was tortured to death. It was the study of those pictures, looking at jewelry to try to figure out whose hand it was in the picture beside bruised and burned infants, along with our office listening to over 300 hours of jail recorded phone conversations between the two defendants, coupled with first rate police work on the part of Sheriff Marshall’s office that led to the convictions in these cases.

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This work is not glamorous or prestigious. But it is what I am cut out to do. I have never sought a judgeship. I have never sought a title. I have never sought the big money to be made in private practice. I have only sought to be part of an effective crime fighting team.

I want to stay on that team for years to come and I would greatly appreciate your vote this fall.”

Georgette Phillips
Commonwealth’s Attorney