The death of a cell murder?

Published 7:38 pm Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Editor, Smithfield Times

Anti-abortionists say that a fertilized egg is a human being because it has all the information necessary to make a walking, talking person.

But with few exceptions, every cell in your body has all the information necessary to make another you. Therefore, a blood cell is just as human as a fertilized egg.

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It’s true that a blood cell, on it’s own, won’t turn into a person while a fertilized egg will. But anti-abortionists aren’t saying that a fertilized egg will become a human, but that it already is, because it has all that information.

But, again, that’s also true of virtually every cell in your body since they each have all the information needed to make another you. Now, think of the trillions of people that are killed every year in blood tests, biopsies, etc. Who will stand up for them? It won’t be egg supremacists since skin cells and blood cells aren’t their favorite people. I say it should be illegal to perform any procedure that results in the death of a cell.

But that would mean that you might die because you couldn’t get a procedure that could save your life, and if you die, then trillions of people that make up your body die with you. But they will have died a natural death. They wouldn’t have been murdered.

This may sound like a bad joke, but if you believe, or pretend to believe, that a fertilized egg is a human being, then the consequence of that bad joke is the unavoidable result of that belief.

Jim P. McAdaragh