Stanton supporter

Published 8:18 pm Friday, September 25, 2015

Editor, Smithfield Times

Georgette Phillips claims she stays at an address in Carrollton. I’ve looked at all possible public records, and can find no trace of her name associated with that address. Not a single phone number. I looked at,, and a few other databases that serve as the Internet’s phone book. There’s been three different phone numbers associated with that house, reported over a dozen times. None belong to Ms Phillips.

I know better than to think that a prosecutor getting paid from taxpayer money can afford to have two huge homes. Is Ms Phillips renting someone’s bedroom? Since she goes “home to Poquoson” every weekend, she wouldn’t need another house all to herself, right? 

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We already know that “a significant number” of cases are resolved through plea bargains, where those convicted get a slap on the wrist. Recently a case of a man who raped a 13-year-old, resulted in Ms Phillips only asking for a 10-year sentence, and with parole, would have served barely half that time. Thank goodness we have a judge on the bench who rejected this pitiful recommendation and gave him a proper sentence! Local lawyers love Ms Phillips because she cuts easy, quick deals that they like, so of course they endorse her.

Ms Phillips doesn’t even have a local campaign phone number. Her website clearly shows a landline based in Buffalo, New York. So when you call, who will you be talking to? 

Folks, we have a real candidate who’s called Isle of Wight home since 1999. Her phone number is her actual phone, and when you call her, she answers. She’ll take time to talk to you, come to your home, and listen to your concerns. This is the kind of prosecutor we deserve. 

If you’re a victim of crime, you want someone who takes time to listen, talk to you, keep you involved in the case and show you that you, as a victim, truly matter. Over 25 years of committed service backed by vigorous, fair passion for doing what’s right, is what you get when you vote Stanton for Commonwealth Attorney on Nov. 3.

Dave Lyons