The GOP’s candidates

Published 8:22 pm Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Editor, Smithfield Times

Isle of Wight Republicans are proud to offer our first ever endorsement of three candidates for the county Board of Supervisors: Joel Acree in Windsor, Dick Grice in Smithfield and William McCarty in Newport. We did not endorse these fine candidates because some are members of our committee or to become involved in routine local elections in our county.

Isle of Wight Republicans and our friends are concerned citizens in our community, many of whom have served long careers in the military or in public or community service such as first responders, teachers, or in community based businesses. We care deeply about our community and our country and believe we can come together to support candidates that believe in respect for the individual rights and will of our citizens, fiscal reform, public safety, and free enterprise.

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To this end, Isle of Wight Republicans hosted our county’s first voter forum with all candidates in contested races invited as a community service to address the key issues in our community. Our goal was to provide an opportunity for all voters to hear and meet all candidates and address the critical issues in a single two-hour meeting. Our members and many of the voters who attended were clearly impressed by three candidates for the county board who have the vision, grasp of issues and experience needed to implement positive change and lead our county in a new direction.

Carrollton Fire Chief Joel Acree is a professional firefighter who has fought fires and county bureaucracy; Dick Grice is a successful businessmen and Army officer veteran who has created businesses and many jobs in our community, and William McCarty is a leading Pastor, former businessman, and Smithfield High football coach who is respected by virtually everyone in our community. Isle of Wight Republicans are proud to offer our unanimous and first-ever endorsement to three candidates who can implement the respect for our citizens and fiscal reform that our county so desperately needs: Acree, Grice and McCarty.

Bill Coburn
IW Republican Committee