Untruths and progaganda

Published 8:17 pm Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Editor, Smithfield Times

It appears once again that Mr. Lyons is using your paper to spread untruths and propaganda, which is something he does often on the editorial pages of this and other papers. For example, the phone number that Mrs. Phillips arranged just for this campaign is a Google phone number that Google describes as “One number for all your phones and online voicemail.” Mrs. Phillips did that so she would not miss any calls from citizens, i.e. it rings several other phones at the same time. In addition, it was the only way she could get a number that spells out GCP-4CWA. This was so citizens would have an easy number to remember.

As far as residency, we should ask ourselves why Mr. Lyons did not ask the Isle of Wight registrar or the Isle of Wight treasurer for Mrs. Phillips address and tax records. Instead, he looks at commercial Internet databases that take a significant time to update.

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We know why! It would not support the continued untruths that Mr. Lyons and Mrs. Phillips’ opponent continue to build a campaign around.

Recently, the residency issue was addressed at a Carisbrooke Homeowners Association gathering when the vast majority in attendance signified that they knew Phillips has been living in that community since October of 2014.

This continued focus on residency appears to be a move of desperation by Mrs. Phillips’ opponent, who cannot rely on her record in our court system because Mrs. Stanton does not practice law in Isle of Wight. In fact, why didn’t Stanton set up her law practice in Isle of Wight? Why hasn’t she agreed to be placed on the list of appointed attorneys for indigent cases in Isle of Wight? The answer is obvious. Stanton hasn’t until now had a vested interest in the citizens of Isle of Wight or the court system here. So, for the next month, I guess Mr. Lyons will continue to spread untruths.

Tommy Potter