McCarty is needed

Published 8:43 pm Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Editor, Smithfield Times


Recently, I read an article in which William McCarty was quoted as saying, “There are people much smarter in our community that have ideas and wisdom that we desperately need, it is time to hear them, to hear you, and together fix the issues that currently plague our community.” The problem we have had in the past and continue to have today is that many people in our community feel ignored by our Board of Supervisors. However, after reading what William McCarty has said, it gives me hope for the future of Isle of Wight. I believe that this is not about him holding a title but about gathering wisdom from the constituents and together coming up with a plan to fix our county.  

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For some people, staying involved with community issues is an age-old problem. How can we expect people to be enthusiastic and stay involved if they don’t have time to attend Board of Supervisor’s meetings? Many people have children, and work which keeps them away from BOS meetings.


McCarty truly is an independent-minded candidate who will bring new ideas with the use of computer technology and surveys to reach the voters who are normally out of the loop. His plans for our community make sense and are refreshing to say the least. William McCarty will embrace the voice of the community by partnering with them. He will be as transparent as I have always known him to be. He will also bring strong leadership like this county has never known before.


As the saying goes, “good government starts at the local level.” I know that McCarty will be “the good change” for our local level of government here in Isle of Wight County. He will move us ahead in a positive direction with his business sense and leadership abilities. Make your vote count by joining me Nov. 3, to elect William McCarty, to the Newport District, Board of Supervisors seat.  


Grace Baines