Unfair attack

Published 8:41 pm Tuesday, October 13, 2015

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This newspaper attempts to verify the identity of all letter writers, but have been unable to verify that a Patricia Archer resides in Surry County. We therefore welcome Carlos Turner’s response, which follows.)

Editor, Smithfield Times

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I, Carlos Turner, a candidate for Surry County Sheriff, normally ignore rumors that have no factual base. However, after repeated attacks on my veracity, I feel the need to personally address the rumors being politicized under the premise of misleading Surry County voters. These accounts are politically motivated, irresponsible, deceptive, and malicious to say the least.

“Anonymous” writers like “Patricia Archer” have taken a partisan view on attacking my character and law enforcement ethics. Archer alludes to me as lacking integrity, but deceived the Surry County Citizens and readers of The Smithfield Times by claiming to be a citizen of the county. Recent voter records confirm, there is no one registered in Surry County under the name “Patricia Archer”. 

The snapshot view of a singular incident with Albemarle County Police Department is just that, “a snapshot.” The decision to stand my ground on a drug case involving juvenile misconduct was based on my investigation. My refusal to compromise my professional integrity while holding the title of Master Police Officer, meant more to me than giving in to the coercion of office politics. True, I lost my job in the aftermath as the Chief of Police chose to believe the words of a juvenile over me, but I did not lose my self-respect. This one incident, has no barring to my practically pristine, 17-year career.

Archer also spoke on my actions during the 2008 election and my position as a councilman for the town of Claremont. My right to vote and support any candidate of my choice is a right you cannot and will not take from me. As a council person, I work hard to preserve the town of Claremont and I will not let anyone send it to its demise due to hidden agendas.

I am available to any citizen who has a question or concern about any aspect of my law enforcement career. I will continue to be transparent in all matters in regards to serving as your next Surry County Sheriff. I am more than willing to discuss and provide “facts” on my professional career and my passion for serving in a law enforcement capacity.  I can be reached at 757-279-8070.

Carlos Turner