Bike trail enthusiast

Published 8:39 pm Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Editor, Smithfield Times

I have never written to the Smithfield Times before but wanted to after reading that the Park-to-Park Trail is going to become a reality.

About nine years ago when our family moved here, we had heard about the possibility of this trail and were so excited about the possibilities it brought to us. Because we had heard nothing about it recently, we thought that it had not been supported by the leadership. Thank you to our Board of Supervisors and Town Council. This is such a positive step forward.

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Our family is in the military and has lived in the Seattle, Wash. area previously. We lived in more of a city area but we were able to walk or bike to shop and to park facilities without ever getting into a car. We love living in Isle of Wight, love the rural nature of the County and the ability to know our neighbors and participate fully in County life.

The only thing lacking in this beautiful, rural area is that you can’t get anywhere without a car. With the trail, our kids will be able to get to other neighborhoods, get to shopping, get to downtown, get to Nike Park, get to restaurants, by foot or bike. That is going to change how we live. Great planning!

Our family will use this Trail all the time. Thank you.

Karen Machart