Burckard for Newport

Published 8:19 pm Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Editor, Smithfield Times

Albert Burckard believes it is possible to renegotiate the Norfolk water deal. With the new Rt. 460 shortened and bypassing our intermodal site, our intermodal park has become, in effect, an industrial park. He believes Norfolk now would be amenable to a reduction in the 3.75 million gallons per day to 2.5 MDG.

The reasons for not asking for a reduction to zero are so there can be meaningful Isle of Wight economic growth and employment and the possibility that, in time, the Department of Environmental Quality will force present well users onto surface water systems. A 1.25 MGD reduction would save a third of our Norfolk cost, which is incurred mostly through the Western Tidewater Water Authority. Norfolk could still sell the 1.25 MGD to Chesapeake or Surry

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Burckard is much more familiar with the multitude of county issues than McCarty and brings new energy to the table. Burckard’s public activities in a dozen different directions prove that he is a hard worker and likes public life. His Norfolk connections could prove Isle of Wight’s most valuable asset. Please vote for Albert Burckard, the embodiment of public spiritedness.

Thomas Finderson